Babywearing Dad- Guest Post From Justin

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Jill always made babywearing look easy. When she asked me if I wanted to try out the Moby Wrap I said “sure why not!!“. It didn’t go as well as we thought it would. Mila cried and so I gave up on it pretty quickly. But she loved being in there if her mom was wearing her. And if ever Jill wanted to get a new carrier I knew it’d be a good investment cause they would use it often.
When Mila was a few months old, I offered to watch her while Jill got her hair cut. Jill kept hinting that I might want her to help me get Mila in carrier but I was reluctant. But after an hour and a half of trying to console a tired infant in a hair salon waiting area I was wishing I’d accepted the offer. When we got home I told Jill I wanted to learn how to use her ring sling so in a situation like that I’d be more comfortable going out for a walk or hopefully Mila could just take a nap.
At first I got a lot of help. I held Mila and Jill basically put the sling on us until I got the hang out of it. But once she was in there, she was a happy baby and we’d go on walks to the lake or just around the neighborhood. It was nice having that alone time with Mila. Her mom does all the feedings cause Mila wont use a bottle. And at night Mila sleeps next to Jill. It was nice having that father and daughter bonding time.
While I like our Sakura Bloom ring slings and I still use them from time to time, I’m glad we also have our Ergo Baby. It fits me well, I don’t need Jill to help me get it on and I don’t have to worry about getting the position just right. I just adjust the straps if I need to.
At first I thought needing more carriers was just excessive but now I like that we have one I primarily use, and ones for Jill to primarily use. But I still do use both.

thank you so much Justin for writing this.
Justin is wearing an Essential Linen Sakura Bloom Ring Sling and an Organic Ergo Baby Carrier
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