8 thoughts on “young mom woes

  1. I totally feel your WTE post. I remember one time my mom was carrying our daughter in the ergo while at the grocery store. When we were checking out the clerk was asking her loads of questions. When I chimed in she looked at me like was crazy. I told my mom afterwards that she assumed I wasn’t her mother. When I go out with her alone I feel people looking on at me like I am the nanny too. ugh.

    Oh and would you like me to post the comments on WTE instead of here?

  2. Loved this article. Having my first at fifteen and my second at almost twenty-three, I get that all of the time (not to mention, how uncomfortable most get when I tell them I am their mother).

    I don’t understand the series of questions that only young mothers get – they’re completely insensitive and personal (“Are you and the father still together?”, “Oh, is the little one yours and the girl your sister?”, “Shouldn’t you dress more like a mother?”). Drives me nuts!

    • YES! omg the questions! “was she planned” “are you married” why do people think that’s any of their business. Would you go up to a professional 30 something holding a baby and ask if her pregnancy was planned?

  3. Typical Starbucks photobomb! You really should charge them for product placement. 😉

    I was 32 when I had Ava, so I never had the privilege of being presumed to be the nanny. I imagine I’d feel pretty offended. Once in the grocery store an older lady asked how far along I was. When I told her “seven months” she looked at my belly and said “oh, my! Just one?” I’m generally super respectful of older folks, but every ounce of me wanted to scream “eff you, ya old hag!” She was born tipping the scales at 9lbs 1oz, but I’ll never forget that old lady making me feel like I was going to give birth to a baby elephant.

    Anywhoo… Part of me wishes I was that young mom. More energy, lose the weight faster, easier to relate to them when they’re older. But 23 year old me had no business having babies. And 32 year old me kicked a ton of ass at it. 🙂

  4. I am petite, dress like a nerd, and have features younger than my age. Even though I am 30, I live this every day. In fact, whenever I go to story time at the library or baby classes, I notice that the other mothers just assume I am not one of their peeps. It’s frustrating, but I am not going to change the way I dress in order to fit in or make mom friends.

  5. I had my first baby at 26 and was never mistaken for the nanny. BOO!! Now I have three babies and I’m 32, and I guess I look my age, because I never get carded anymore either.

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