I’m Vegan….Again…

Anyone who knows me probably just rolled their eyes…cause this is like the 14th time i’ve gone vegan. There were times I lasted a year, other times a couple months, other times a few hours…but this is nothing new. My issue is that I never lose weight or anything by cutting out meat and dairy so I think “oh man, if only I  could eat egg whites and chicken breast..THEN i’d stick to a diet!” ha
! Um yeaaahhh…i’m jill. i dont stick to anything very long. Remember when I was into hotrods? or when I was a makeup artist? or when I was really into reggae and soul? How about when I went paleo? …but I digress. The one thing I do love about being vegan though is that my body really does just agree with it.
I cut out all the meat and dairy a couple weeks back then fell off the wagon after lucy’s 1st day of school and she wanted to do a pizza night. MY FACE BROKE THE EF OUT!! My mom even looked concerned. She was like “i didn’t want to say anything but i’ve never seen you have acne..and that’s ACNE!” it was within hours of eating dairy!!! and I told her..”watch 48 hours of being vegan and my skin will be clear and dewy.” Sure enough..all the major patches of acne were gone. No one ever believes me cause apparently food/zits arent actually associated with eachother but maybe its some sort of allergic reaction or something. Either way, if i’m vegan my skin is AMAZING! I use 1/3 the amount of foundation. My hair grows crazy fast. And my anxiety almost entirely goes away. And after 16 months of not being able to get pregnant, a few weeks vegan and I was pregnant with Mila. For whatever reason my body just doesn’t do well with meat, dairy, eggs, etc…
Now I dont think it works for everyone. Some people thrive on gluten free, others do well living off high protein diets, whatever reason I am my healthiest an happiest eating like this. I decided to document what exactly I eat in a day because I know people hear vegan and picture nuts, berries and $6 cupcakes. But I eat just normal food! (im not crazy strict though, a friends ex boyfriend described himself as “veganish” Im more like that…so no I dont need to hear that they use dolphin tears and bull piss to make tortillas)

Breakfast I do oatmeal with steel cut oats. I MAKE RIDICULOUSLY GOOD OATMEAL! I’ll do almond butter and raspberries, or banana and walnuts. Yesterday morning I did chia seeds, toasted coconut and a lil brown sugar. deliciousness. veganpost1 veganpost2

For “lunch” I stood in the kitchen with mila on my hip and binged on hummus and carrots and pita chips veganpost3

we drank starbucks. veganpost4

For dinner I gussied up bean burritos by making them like enchiladas and chopping lots of fresh toppings. I also add one can of whole black beans to the Amy’s refried beans so its not so…muck like. veganpost5 veganpost6veganpost8
 Then during Dance Moms (OMG SO EPIC LAST NIGHT!) I had a super cold pear with super hot ginger tea. Try it. So good!


as you can see my days aren’t filled with organic quinoa and nuts and berries and seeds. Ok there are seeds and I make a great garlic quinoa. But for the most part I eat pretty normal stuff. I mean chips and salsa, pb&j even oreos are vegan (though they aren’t organic and aren’t exactly healthy so im not trying to say eat oreos..i’m just admitting that I do) and just about anything Asian or Mexican can be made vegan.  And if Justin is home I just bake chicken or pork and make his slightly different. Its really not a big deal at all.

I’ve put in my time, I already have a pretty good list of go-to meals but if anyone wants to link to me favorite recipes or anything please do 🙂

7 thoughts on “I’m Vegan….Again…

  1. I’m rooting for you. I’m veganish too. I can’t eat dairy because of my lactose intolerance and I’m not really into most meats-except fish. My husband recently decided to not eat as much meat and it has really made me excited about making food. I try to stick with things that are seasonal-like right now I’m cooking with eggplant and zucchini. You can view my pinterest of things here: http://pinterest.com/foxesandfigs/eat/ Some of my favorites are beet sauce, soba noodles with ginger tahini, 5 step kale salad, crockpot curry with tofu and veggies. goodluck in your veganish quest 🙂

  2. This is fantastic! I resonate so completely with the go-betweening lifestyle, have ‘gone veggo’ I believe three times this year already, and have had many interesting but fleeting careers. I too am inspired by this latest foray -I’m with you! Looking forward to following along and seeing how you go, especially with the skin/body flourishing. One thing I do know (not an expert, just a nurse) is that the fantastically low Gi nature of a vegan/veggo diet promotes very stable blood sugar and insulin levels, also stabilizing androgen levels = great skin. Best wishes! Will be following along x

  3. About the steel cut oats… Can you share your method of cooking them? I’ve tried overnight oats with the steel cut variety, and it made my stomach very angry! I know they are super nutritious, but I fear that they may not be an option for me… Maybe I can try preparing them a different way. What do you think?

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