Fall Playlist

Switching up the songs on regular rotation with the changing season. Here’s what I’ve been listening to. Autumn is when I like replacing iced coffee with green tea, and sit on the porch and listen to self indulgent whiney music that makes me feel sorry for myself…YESSS!!! Sad songs are to fall what Elvis is to christmas…
The names and song titles link to the songs.
Here’s my summer playlist in case you missed it :  Summer Playlist

Nico- These Days

Fiona Apple- Extraodinary Machine 

Devendra Banhart- Little Boys

The White Stripes- Jolene

Bob Dylan- Abandoned Love


Oasis- Champagne Supernova


Tom Waits- The Piano Has Been Drinking

TomWaits-1977-Hazenstr1-Foto-ClaudeVanheyeNirvana- Pennyroyal Tea (unplugged)

Polaris- Hey Sandy
Anna Karina- Pistolet Joe
Richard Hell- Blank Generation

Photo of Elvis COSTELLO and Richard HELL and Elvis COSTELLO
The Carpenters- Superstar

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