The Sling Diaries- Wisdom

This is my last Sling Diary entry and I’m so not ready for this to be over. I know what you’re thinking “oh like you’ll stop posting up #babywearing photos and talking about yourself any time soon Jill…pshht”. But it’s so much bigger than that. Over the course of this project, I’ve gotten to know the other writers as well as the readers.
The wisdom I gained as I look back on the past 6 months isn’t about self discovery. I’ve always been fairly introspective. Instead, I learned so much from reading about the real lives and thoughts of my fellow diarists.


I often thought of other mothers as just statistics in some article shared on Facebook.  The 50% of moms who cosleep. Or the 3 out of 4 moms who start breastfeeding. At some point motherhood became a math and science to me where “this is the best for your child because this study says so and 65% of moms are now doing it”. But that’s not what my life as Lucy and Mila’s mother is really about.

wisdom2 (1)

wisdom collagewisdom

wisdom6 (1)

My days are filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off. And giving in to a 5 year old’s pleas to go outside despite the fact that it’s raining and her little sister clearly isn’t so stoked on the idea. I fill bubble baths and sippy cups. I check my emails with a baby in my lap, who often hits send before I’m ready to. I drink coffee at 7am. More coffee at 9am. Then switch to tea once my stomach hurts from all the coffee.

wisdom sd

wisdom8 (1) wisdom7


I gasp in amazement at Lucy’s artwork. I kiss mila’s hand which I frequently attack with wipies. I sing songs about picking up toys and about parties in their tummies. I scoop up Mila when she falls. And I’ve been known to bribe Lucy with popsicles.

We have days where the slings just stay hanging on hooks. And then days like this one Mila wants “ups” constantly, even bringing me her sling and trying to put it on herself. Having slightly limited arm use is worth the peace of mind knowing she isn’t about to find a staircase to climb up or a penny to put in her mouth.

wisdom9Wisdom Trio Collage (1)

Being a mother is about loving my daughters and trying to raise them to be good people.  Its making memories worth holding on to and finding  joy in each day I am lucky enough to spend with them.  Its not a whole bunch of studies and facts and percentages comparing me to all the other parents out there.

Getting to read about motherhood outside of some brochure the pediatrician has handed me or some Huffington Post article about folic acid, has been so refreshing. So I thank this project for inspiring me to put down the parenting books and stay off those crazy message boards, and to pick up Goodnight Moon instead.


This post was a part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries 936133_470359789702880_970277169_n

9 thoughts on “The Sling Diaries- Wisdom

  1. aw Jill what a great ending post. I’m so happy to have met you through this project and I thank you for bearing your soul so deep on the wisdom of motherhood. Just perfect. I love all of these pictures but especially the ones of Mila trying to put on the sling all by herself. Your family is wonderful.

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