Adventures In Breastfeeding- Katherine

This post is a part of the Adventures in Breastfeeding Project sharing mother’s unique experiences, successes and struggles with Breastfeeding. This post is by Katherine. Here’s what she had to share:Image
I am a mother of three, a birth doula, and an outspoken breastfeeding advocate that proudly wears her baby and whips it out in public. All because of a little 20 pound girl named Birdy. I am the woman I am today because of my decision to nurse my daughter. This may sound a little extreme, but it’s completely true.
I always talked a good game when it came to advocating for a cause I believed in. I didn’t start REALLY walking the walk until I became vegan in my early twenties. I was loud and proud, completely dedicated to abstaining from any and all animal products, and I had to spread the word to everyone! I am so thankful every day for that period in my life, It kickstarted this fire inside of me for expressing how I feel when it comes to anything I am passionate about. I now carry the torch for a cause that is a huge and important part of my day to day life… Breastfeeding and normalizing breastfeeding! Yay for boobs, right?! Boobs are great and they serve such an amazing purpose. I get to feed my daughter with them and they serve my husband well- not to mention they make peasant tops look amazing!
I decided the second I learned I was pregnant that I was going to breastfeed my daughter until she self weaned. This decision was huge for me and completely new territory. I was already a mother of two boys and had went down a different path with them. I was an extremely young mom at 16 with my oldest and 18 with my second son. I had little to no resources and not much education as far as natural parenting was concerned. I formula fed both of my boys after a short and frustrating attempt at breastfeeding. As a young mother with no support versus being in my mid twenties and well educated on the subject.. it was a given. I had done so much research between then and now and I knew that if I ever had a baby again… I would do everything in my power to breastfeed.
The big day came and Birdy pretty much came out on her own (she was completely ready to meet her dad and I). She was on my chest and nursing in no time! It came so easily to both of us and I was so happy that I had successfully knocked out the first sessions without a single bump in the road. We went home about 16 hours after I delivered and we were on our own. The first few nights were so hard for me. Her latch was great and my will was strong… But no one prepared me for the extremely painful contractions that come with each nursing session after having your third baby. It seriously felt like full blown labor. The waking up every two hours to nurse, the insane thirst I felt while nursing (for water and my husband’s blood), and the sore nipples were enough to make this driven and completely motivated woman… break down into tears. Breastfeeding took up 98% of my time and if I hadn’t had the support I had… I would’ve cried a lot more!
Breastfeeding isn’t always easy for everyone in the beginning, and women shouldn’t feel like they are failing if it doesn’t come as easily to them. This beautiful little girl that has come into my life has started me on this path to helping women. I want to be there for women that may not have support. I want to help educate spouses and partners about the importance of supporting the breastfeeding mother. Watching a newborn crawl to the breast just minutes after birth, seeing the pride and joy on a new mothers face as her baby latches for the first time, and seeing dad/partner watch this bond form in front of his/her eyes is the biggest honor. I would have never been who and what I am today if it weren’t for my unmedicated birth and breastfeeding.
To that new mom that is up every two hours and finds herself crying at 3 in the morning wishing she had some help… don’t give up. Don’t feel like a failure when you feel like you just can’t keep going. Reach out for help and don’t feel ashamed. You are an amazing woman and you can do anything.
Thank you so much for reading and sharing. ❤
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