If you pin it…it will come…

I wouldn’t consider myself a pinterest “heavy user”. But I dabble. Mainly clothing and hair styles. The occasional motherhood inspiration. random food. My main motive is to convey to others that despite my lacking sense of style, I actually have food taste “see!! look I pin cool girls! I get it! Im hip!” I rarely see something though and think I could possibly apply it to my own life. I mean, everything on pinterest seems like some sort of unattainable ideal.
but as I was scrolling through my albums farther and farther back I started seeing all these familiar sights! “Oh hey! I guess I did end up baking those brown sugar peaches..” or “oh no way! I forgot i pinned that teacup tattoo! now I have a teacup tattoo! crazy”. And so many messy  top knots with bangs and glasses! The farther back I went in the albums the more I saw things that I find in my life today.
There was an Oprah episode about inspiration boarding, finding beautiful images of things your “true” self really enjoys and how it would  “coincidentally” manifest itself later in your life. In a sense I think pinterest has succeeded somewhat in doing that. Ok I’m not going to say i look just like a very blonde Carolee Beckham, but I did have a similar color sling I often nursed in. Or this turban! Or the fact that I pinned these glasses a year before I bought them! Not saying I look like the model wearing them haha!
Pinterest Collage
this could just be a coincidence or maybe the reason I bought these glasses or this baby turban or a similar sling was because in the back of my mind I stored away that I wanted them or something. So if you have the time… scroll back 6-12 months in your pinterest, do you see things that you now own or do or make? Im really curious!!! maybe pinterest isnt just some major waste of time!! haha!

2 thoughts on “If you pin it…it will come…

  1. Its like online Cosmic Ordering!…I remember reading a book way back when about making a scrap book of all the stuff you want in life and then hey presto you get it. You’re doing that with your pinterest *Runs and pins Joseph Gordon Levitt*

  2. I absolutely do this! I’ve had a few moments of “I’m so clever! Look at my outfit/decoration/menu!”, only to realize later that I had pinned something super similar moths before.
    Pinterest had become a bit of a time-sucking vortex for me a long while ago though, so I cut waaay back. Than I made a board of all of the things I’d pinned and actually done, so I felt a touch more validated. Ha!

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