The Mother of all Vaccine Posts

Hey guys. I am so excited,and totally nervous to post this up. I know vaccines are a hot topic. So much so that it’s hard to even talk to my own closest friends about it because I’m afraid I’ll offend them, by either disagreeing or not taking their advice.  Add that one side says only trust certain reputable sites, and another warns you that those major sites may be paid off by the companies that distribute the vaccines. So now you’re hit with all this conflicting information. And guess what? Now I’m about to do exactly that, by giving conflicting views.

BUT! Here’s the awesome catch. I’ve gathered 4 educated, well read mothers to each share their 4 different perspectives on this subject. Anonymously. At my request, not theirs. I know it can hurt credibility, but none of these women are claiming to be doctors.  They are 4 mothers, I respect, that are BRAVELY sharing their honest opinion. And why their choice is right for their family. None of this is a reflection of my own beliefs. But It has all aided in helping me figure out what’s right for us. I hope this is helpful. Thank you ladies for the time you put into this post. Now anyone reading this, BE COOL! No one likes internet bullies. If you have information to share too, just go ahead post it in the comments. ❤ Jill

Against Vaccines
“I started to question the whole American vaccination process when I took my baby to his first checkup and they insisted he get the hep B vaccine.  The sickening, nauseating pit in my stomach told me that something wasn’t right and this is something I needed to look further into before continuing with the doctors recommendations for additional vaccines.  My very close friend is a no vax mama and I went to her for some direction as to where to start out and what sites I could go to for viable information about what these vaccines were and how the body reacted to them.

You can empathize with my shock and awe when I not only saw all the horrible ingredients in these toxic concoctions they were trying to pump into my new baby, but also the fact that they would be giving the same dosage to my 9lb newborn as they would my grown adult 180lb husband!!!  I started to dig deeper into the ingredients, and while they didn’t seem like that high of doses when you consider how much naturally occur in food, I thought wow those amounts sure add up once you get into the 64 recommended vaccines on the schedule now.  I read about how those heavy metals store in the brain and are essentially neurotoxins that when stored in the brain like that have the potential to cause seriously neurological damage.
We came to a decision as a family that in our opinion the risk factor of destroying our child’s natural immune system, putting him at potential risk of neurological damage and heavy metal poisoning, all the while he would still be at risk of contracting any disease he was “immunized” for any way (considering most cases of pertussis are in the vaccinated child) just was not worth it for us.  We instead became big proponents of full term or extended breast feeding, eating a complete non gmo whole food diet with very little processed food, only raw dairy (which is a rarity that we eat or have dairy at all), and consistently giving a regimen of vit d3, sambucus and probiotics.  We have had our bouts of sickies in the almost 2 years we have been vaccine free we’ve had rotavirus (not that bad) and some cold and coughs here and there. We have boosted and encouraged his natural immune system so much during his short life that when he does catch a bug it has always been here and gone within a few days at most, whereas my friends with vaxed kids usually are dealing with the same bug and are unable to get rid of it for weeks upon weeks.  There are many factors that go into deciding your specific families vaccine decisions but I don’t think the choice should ever be made out of fear on either side, I think it should be an informed decision knowing all the risks on both sides honestly and deciding what is more of a risk for your family.”

For Vaccines

“The information for and against vaccinations can be overwhelming. Where does one even start? Like most folks vaccinations weren’t on my radar until I was pregnant with my daughter. What I have learned leads me to believe that for the vast majority of us, vaccinations are not only necessary but lifesaving. My feelings towards vaccinations have been substantiated by science and backed by facts.
A lot of diseases have been driven to the point of eradication thanks to vaccinations such as measles and small pox. Before vaccinations small pox killed THOUSANDS of children and after the introduction of mandatory vaccinations the disease all but disappeared. What concerns me is that the parents that are deciding not to vaccinate their children may be setting us up for another wave of these diseases, which effects not just their family but those around them. And this isn’t even really hypothetical anymore either, places like California and Washington where vaccination exemptions are increasingly common are starting to see rises in pertussis outbreaks.
I think as mothers we are often subjected to a lot of fear mongering when it comes to our children’s health. Well-meaning parents that are afraid of their child reacting to the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination need to look at the big picture here: The percentages of children who have died because of the vaccination are very very small. This is a situation where the benefits outweigh the obscure risks. If an unvaccinated child were to contract these diseases there is a strong chance of being permanently disabled or worse.
Also, let’s talk about vaccinations and autism. There is no causal link! This has been established by numerous research-backed peer-reviewed studies to the point that I don’t know how people are still trying to make this argument.** It is weak and scientifically unsubstantiated to the point of frustration. There is A LOT of possibilities as to why we are seeing more diagnoses of ASD. I would like to delve deeper into other explanations for increased ASD diagnoses but this probably isn’t best space. Another conversation, perhaps. =) I just want to also point out that the person who started the whole craze of vaccinations = autism, Andrew Wakefield, was later found to have fudged his results big time. He was found guilty of 4 counts of dishonesty and 12 counts of abusive towards developmentally challenged children and consequently lost his license.
Do I have all the answers? No and I would never claim to either. However, I feel I am making the most educated choice for my family. My only parting advice for other parents sitting on the fence is to not only do your own research but also more importantly, do it well. Check your sources and make sure it is backed by sound scientific research and not a blog. In the end I think it is important to put it in perspective: The cases of reactions to vaccinations are small compared to the number of people who have been saved by them. I vaccinate my daughter because I have based my decision on scientific facts, not a current media fad spearheaded by Jenny McCarthy. I believe in evidence and science, not NaturalNews.

If you are interested in some peer-reviewed, medically sound literature to help make your decision here is a good place to start:


Stopped Vaccinating

“So when my husband and i found out we were pregnant we were way too worried about cute things like onesies and tiny socks to think about the serious stuff like vaccinating. We were of the mindset “let the doctor take care of it! That’s what he’s there for right?!” so when some of my hippie friends would ask me what we planned on doing about dun dun dun VACCINATING we were like uhhh do it. That’s what you do..right?
I had no idea people didn’t do it and their kids not die of some crazy 3rd world country disease. I assumed that’s what you did. Give your baby those shots and deal with a slight fever.
As i got further along into my pregnancy I began doing more research into natural birth, which of course led me into this world of amazing crunchy facebook groups and awesome moms and dads that gave so much information about topics i would have never have given a second thought: circumcision, delayed vaccinating, not vaccinating at all (and their kids were fine who would’ve thought??)
I was already getting so many telling me i would never make it through a natural birth, i wouldn’t like breastfeeding…on and on when i brought up what i had read a few people were saying about not vaccinating I always got a quick response of “you just do it! Or you’ll kill your kid!”
Fast forward to our son being born, an unexpected c-section, and a bit of baby blues you get a mama that is not too interested in thinking about more research or going against what the dr says you so..we got the first round of shots and i felt horrible about it.
There was my precious baby having to be held down by a nurse and screaming.
After that it was kind of like a wake up call. Ok we are responsible for this person and who cares what other people think! we decided we needed to get into gear and be serious about whether or not this was right for our family. I spent hours reading article after article, post after post. The facts were right there on the ingredients were horrifying. All the toxic additives, all the lead, mercury, formaldehyde!! That’s what they put in dead people for goodness sake!*
The one that got my husband and i the most was the human diploid cell or mrc-5 which is a protein used from the tissue of aborted babies..lets call them what they are people…
We both felt like if we are trying to live healthy lives by eating well, using the most natural products possible ect. why would we put all of that junk in our bodies let alone our baby?! If people thought we were making a bad decision it didn’t matter.
As time has gone on I have become more secure in my parenting decisions and worried less about if people think I’m that crazy hippy lady. That term doesn’t offend me!

Alternative Vaccine Schedule

 “In the beginning of my parenting journey I was completely pro vaccine. Coming from a family where almost everyone works in the medical field I had heard more than a few frightening stories about what can happen when you do not vaccinate a child ranging from an older sibling getting the measles and a much younger sibling then catching the measles from them and coming close to death or an unvaccinated teenage boy stepping on something while barefoot outside and getting tetanus and spending months in a coma. We also knew of the recent hype surrounding autism and vaccines but with no definitive answers we proceeded with our choice. So, needless to say when it came time to vaccinate my child I felt confident in my decision until my daughter was 6 months and was given a series of 4 shots at my pediatrician’s office. She had a horrible reaction that resulted in an extremely high fever and swelling and discoloration at the area the shot was given. This frightened my husband and I enough to question our choices and wonder how much is too much when it comes to vaccines in infant children.

      After doing our research from everything to becoming non-vaccinating parents and even actually spending our time reading about autism and speaking to friends with autistic children and researching vaccine ingredients we came to the conclusion to put our daughter on an alternative vaccine schedule. This would mean our daughter would receive no more than two shots at a time and we had the choice to opt of vaccines we felt were risky or unnecessary for her age. Our main concern with the CDC vaccine schedule was that it was too much at one time. We felt as though we were overloading our daughters immune system prematurely for no real reason other than this is what we were told to do. And it was comforting to know that in the future if our daughter ever had another reaction to a vaccine we would be certain about which one caused it since she was only receiving one or two at a time. Yes, by putting our daughter on an alternative vaccine schedule we have added an extra doctor visit every once in awhile but my husband and I feel fully confident that we are doing what is best for our child by allowing her to gradually be protected from disease and at the same time being able to choose whether or not we feel a certain vaccine is safe for our daughter.
When deciding to choose an alternative vaccination schedule for your child the most helpful and knowledgable refferance for us has been The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears where he includes an example of what an alternative vaccine schedule looks like. But remember every family is different and you are always free to choose what vaccines you want your child to have. When it comes to vacinating our own child it came down to this, the connection between autism and vaccines has never been proven and most importantly we feel we need to protect our child from diseases in any way we can without exposing her to too much vaccine at one time so that there is less likliehood of a reaction. This quote from the Dr. Sears vaccine book says it just about right, “Obviously, the more kids who are vaccinated, the better our country is protected and the less likely it is that any child will die from a disease. Some parents, however, aren’t willing to risk the very rare side effects of vaccines, so they choose to skip the shots. Their children benefit from herd immunity (the protection of all the vaccinated kids around them) without risking the vaccines themselves. Is this selfish? Perhaps. But as parents you have to decide.” *  “



14 thoughts on “The Mother of all Vaccine Posts

  1. So much good information! I agree with the non-vax poster saying that you shouldn’t do either out of fear. When I was researching, the only push FOR vaccines was fear fear fear. They never felt right to me, at least not as an infant. In the hospital, almost immediately after Rowan was born they wanted to give her a hep b shot. I could not imagine doing that to this tiny fragile person! I had also read that to catch hep b you would have to be sharing blood with someone who had it. And also the amount of mercury in it would only be considered safe for a 180lb man. Why pump my child full of heavy metal after I had spent my entire pregnancy trying to eat as careful and organic and natural as possible?? For such a small risk. I also found this video pretty informative!

    • We opted out of Hep B too…and you are so right about how conflicting it is of your breastfeeding and eating organic, spending $7 for a dozen eggs, then turn around and pump your infant full of (some say necessary) toxins. It’s a hard choice to make.

      • It definitely is. Eventually we would like to see the world and would very much like our children with us. And I would feel uncomfortable going out of the country unvaccinated. My pediatrician has told me that if we eventually end up doing them, that it is beneficial to wait. He also believes that autism may be linked to diet as well. Which makes a lot of sense. So for now we will wait, eat healthy, breastfeed for as long as possible and if one day it feels like the right thing to do, we’ll do it. I think this is definitely one of those things you just have to follow your gut on, even though sometimes it’s hard to see past the fear.

      • Exactly! I couldn’t agree more!! Once I quiet down all those visions of polio and regression it’s easier to hear what my gut says. And my gut told me Lucy would be fine, and she is fully vaccinated. But mila has a fragility to her Lucy didn’t have so I’m waiting with her. Each family is different and each child is different.

  2. I think some families and children are more sensitive, or have more allergies, and would probably benefit from not being fully vaccinated or vaccinated at all. And I also think some people have natural immunities to certain diseases. I have had the flu once in about 15 years, the only year I received a flu vaccine. I was already sick and believe my immune system couldn’t fight it off entirely, but where the rest of my family was sick for nearly 2 weeks, I only had to miss one day of school. I do not receive a flu vaccine (although fully vaccinated otherwise) and now that my daughter is over 1 year of age she will not be either (she is also fully vaccinated otherwise). I am still breastfeeding and fully confident that even if she gets ill it will not require a hospital visit.
    Which leads me to the biggest reason I vaccinate. Each parent has their own personal fears. I still wake up in a panic in the middle of the night to check if my 19mo is breathing. After one small incident at 2 days old I’ve had waking nightmares almost every day that she has stopped breathing, but I know she is fine, healthy, and capable of uncovering her face or lifting her head. But I’ve since begun to fear hospitals:

    Last December child in the community made an unecessary trip to the children’s hospital for minor (1st degree, like a sunburn) burns. His parents were right to be concerned and cautious, but days later he was dead of a disease he picked up at the hospital. I am now adamant that I will avoid an ER trip at all costs. If my child can see a doctor, which thankfully her’s is sort of “on call” 24 hours a day, over the hospital she will. And if I can treat it at home I will do that first. Vaccinations will help avoid a trip to the hospital and increased risk of infection and medical malpractice. I am healthy with few allergies and she is, too, and felt that vaccines were a smaller risk than an illness.
    Most of all, I fully believe that extended breastfeeding has been the sole reason she has been sick (other than a cold) just 3 times in her 19 months with only one requiring a doctor visit or medicine of any kind (We both had inner ear infections that wouldn’t clear).

    As I said, all parents have their own personal fears, and some fear the small, but more immediate risk that vaccines pose. I know that many of the diseases we vaccinate against are treatable, but I fear the diseases a hospital holds more than the unlikely (with our personal and family medical history) serious reaction to a vaccine.

    I think a lot of the controversy comes because of all the laws we have in place to protect children who cannot make their own choices, who rely on responsible parents to keep them healthy and happy. Unfortunately too many (not to be confused with a majority) parents fail in protecting their children, and we have to have laws in place to ensure someone is looking out for them. It can be a fine line between protecting parents’ rights and children’s rights, which is where this falls. I support parents’ choice on vaccinations, but I would hope that either way, you are well researched and the decision for yourself, not to please someone else: be it the family doctor or family.

  3. We went with an alternate vaccine schedule. At the hospital, she had the Hep B – only because that was before I did my research. I decided to finish the Hep B series because she had already been started on it. Other than that, I spaced her appointments apart longer than suggested and only allowed 1-2 vaccines each time. I took the coward’s way out and played dumb with the pediatrician – “can we do that shot next time? i cant bear to watch her have another needle stuck in her!” or “oh, I didn’t realize we were supposed to be here a month ago” or “we’ve just been so busy/we were out of town/she had a cold”. It just seemed easier than pleading my case to him. I really didn’t feel right about loading her up with all of that crap in one day. I realize the benefits of vaccines, but I think the CDC/government/pharmaceutical companies rely on the fact that most parents either don’t have all of the facts or don’t understand the facts, so most everyone does what they’re told – and they make their money. At her 1 year visit (which she had over a month after her birthday) I opted to postpone the MMR vaccine. The possible side effects are just too scary. Plus the chances of side effects are higher than the chances of her being exposed to the diseases, so that’s kinda how I weighed my risks. Our pediatrician understood where I was coming from but he tried to talk me out of postponing it. He wasn’t a jerk about it or anything, he just said there are no benefits to an alternate schedule. Then again, he wouldn’t guarantee me that she wouldn’t have crazy side effects either. They’re so fragile when they’re little. It just doesn’t make sense to me why we’re supposed to expose them to all sorts of crazy toxins intentionally just so we can protect them in the 1 in 100,000 chance they might be exposed to something. My daughter will be fully vaccinated in time, but it’ll be done in a time-frame that we feel comfortable with.

    • I feel like it gets a tiny bit safer the older they get. The possible side effects are crazy, but as far as I know (in California anyway) schools require it – so it’s kinda unavoidable. I figure my girl will get it just before she starts preschool (if they make me).

  4. Thanks for being open to this topic, Jill. It definitely is a hot one! We decided early on in my pregnancy that we would NOT be vaccinating Penny for anything, and instead focus on her (and ours) gut health via diet. I haven’t had any vaccines in years despite going on a few trips to places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We even took Penny to India when she was three months old, with no vaccines. We are all perfectly healthy still!

    As a side note, I wanted to point out to the pro-vaccer that historical statistics show that many diseases, including the two she mentioned, were well on the decline BEFORE routine vaccination, because of increased hygiene.

    Again, thank you for sharing this post!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this information Jill! Much of what I’ve read about ‘to vaccinate or not to vaccinate’ has always come across, in my opinion, as ‘know it all’ish’ or combatative. The four women who who provided their experiences and opinions were none of that. It was actually very informative, thought provoking and an enjoyable read! As someone who has always been ‘Yes! Vaccinate for every known disease!’ for my baby (now almost 8 m/o), this definitely gives me some food for thought. It opens my eyes up to the fact that I, as my child’s mother, can determine her vaccination schedule, which vaccines to opt out of, no longer vaccinate or continue on the advised schedule. Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Adding to what Writer626 said, from 1911 to 1935 the 4 leading causes of death from infectious diseases in the US were diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough and measles. By 1945, the combined death rates from these causes declined by 95%, before the implementation of mass immunization programs. Which shows the greatest factors in this decline were sanitation through public health measures and improved nutrition.

    Personally I have never had the flu vaccine and never had the flu. I really enjoyed this post but the ” What concerns me is that the parents that are deciding not to vaccinate their children may be setting us up for another wave of these diseases, which effects not just their family but those around them” kind of bothered me — I didn’t really see anything else that seemed attacking in the other mother’s beliefs but this was very ‘finger pointing’ to me. To each mama their own, but why would an un-vaccinated child be a threat to vaccinated children if it’s so definite that vaccines work? As a parent who has decided to not vaccinate, I am taking that risk upon myself and my child’s health and I know I will be responsible if she is sick. I think all parents who decide not to vaccinate have to have that on their shoulders. If something “were to happen” then it would be those un-vaccinated children at risk, so I don’t think someone pro-vaccination should be worried about it as their children would hypothetically be safe with their vaccines. Even if someone is worried about someone else’s child not be vaccinated, they have to think about the adults around them as well — adults need regular boosters to stay immune too!

    While there is nothing that “proves” vaccines can cause permanent damage, there are blatant side effects listed on the CDC website: and for DTap they include: Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness as well as permanent brain damage. There are over 25 vaccines that a child is scheduled for and that’s only one of them.

    I was on the fence about vaccines until I met a lovely mama through IG and her personal story made me know for sure that we are not going to vaccinate anytime soon. You can read it here:

    I’m not anti-vaccine, just pro-truth, and I know that Jill just did a post about the whole “every mama has to do what’s best for her family” quote and although it’s over used, it’s true. As I was telling a friend of mine earlier today, when we start judging each other and our choices for our family, that’s when we start losing the strength and empowerment as mothers that we all deserve. We should be cheering each other on always, and I want to thank these ladies for taking the time to share their research and their opinions! I hope everyone who is on the fence about this topic does their own research and takes the time to really flesh out their thoughts. At the end of the day it’s just one in one million choices that we have to make for our children, and no one knows better than mama.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for all the perspectives.

    Off topic…
    Now can you do something like this on “free-range parenting”?

    It wld be interesting to hear the different thoughts on that as well.

    As a kid my mom let me walk way to far (in my opinion) in a bad neighborhood alone at 7yrs old. Just thinking about my boys doing such a thing makes my heart flutter and panic starts to set in. Am I a helicopter mom? Maybe, is that bad? Or is letting your kid roam the neighborhood good or bad?
    I’m just a little confused.
    My inner voice says “I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to them.” So I end up being to paranoid.
    Help me out here.

  8. Great post! We do the alternate schedule vaccines. I go in once a month and have opted out of certain vaccines like Hep B and roto. I feel pretty good abou our decision. I think it’s important for moms to know we are all in the same boat trying to do what’s best for our kids and to just try and be supportive and encouraging. Why is it so flippin’ easy to judge….sigh.

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