Talking to My Doctor About Vaccines

I woke up anxious today. I’ve pushed back Mila’s 1 year wellness visit twice because I was nervous about what to do about vaccines. For the record, both girls up until this point were (mostly) up to date. We spread out some, delayed others, but I’ve always been fairly pro-vaccine. I saw it as russian roulette either way. Either way your child will die of polio or get autism not matter your choice ammiright? its lose lose.
But the best point anyone’s ever made ever is that you cant undo vaccines once you’ve made that choice. So I decided that until I knew for certain what was right for my girls I am waiting.
But making that choice wasn’t followed by some major sense of relief. NO. Instead I got this horrible nauseating feeling when I knew I’d have to go in to my doctors office, where I love our pediatrician, and tell her that I dont want the shots she gives out to every other child. Which basically makes me an asshole. cause I’m questioning what she is the professional at, saying my children are somehow more important or special than the rest (um duh! of course they are in my eyes) and that I know better, me sitting there with my hand crafted sling and my organic snacks and glass water bottle looking all smug telling them “uh uh NOT MY KID!”….I’m way too much of a people pleaser for that. I have anxiety about not tipping enough or if I answered the phone rude! this was too much.
But I had to do it. And instantly I was SO glad I did. My doctor is awesome, and talked me through each shot, what it does, what research has been done for each one and what concerns she’s read. Gave me a list of resources and told me to educate myself and come back in the 3 months and its fine either way.

AWESOME! I dont know why I expected to be like bullied or pressured into vaccinating? Like she’d be a pushy sales girl paid on commission or something. She was informative. Knew exactly the articles I was referring to and was non-bias.
I feel so much better. I have 3 more months to make a choice I probably should have researched and decided on 6 years ago but I’m not too proud to say “maybe I was wrong before”. We’ll see! tomorrow im posting up the lil mini vaccine project where 4 mom with far more knowledge are gonna give us all their insight on the subject. I cant wait to post it!

17 thoughts on “Talking to My Doctor About Vaccines

  1. Just saw a friend reply on FB and it showed up on my feed. I am not one to keep my mouth shut, so here I am! GOOD FOR YOU! I too am a VERY slow vaccinator. I typically don’t get any until after they are 1. I had a pediatrician tell me to get ONLY the ones that matter. DTAP, Meningitis, Polio, etc. He said there are so many others that are completely pointless. Basically just filling our babies with chemicals (and the worst of the worst are in those vaccines). I also won’t ever give the DTAP until after 1 (maybe even 2), because it is linked with sids. Once Japan did away with Dtap until age two, there were hardly any cases of sids. I agree that vaccines are important, just not so many at one time. I say a little each time i go in and if or when i don’t feel right, i am not gettin get. Anyway, thanks for sharing, glad to see others that are able to stick up for themselves. I know so many that are pushed around by “the expert” when in reality a mothers, intuition and feelings are much more important.

    • Your doc sounds like my kind of guy! We’re also selectively vaccinating. I’d love a full list of what he thinks the important ones are – I’d especially like to know what he thinks of MMR as that’s the one coming up for us that in researching now (and what a doozy it is!) Is your doc in the Seattle area by any chance?

  2. That is wonderful! I have the same anxieties and our pediatrician won’t budge. We love her, but after 9 months of “if I’m your doctor you’re getting all vaccines” we’re ready for a new dr. :-\ who is your pediatrician?

  3. I had to fire my pediatrician and now I go to Dr. Bob Sears. I’m so grateful to have that weight lifted off my shoulders. Every time I took Birdy to her original pediatrician I felt pressured and judged. The nurse didn’t even know how you contracted hep b for god’s sake. Needless to say… I drive an hour to San Clemente and go to the perfect doctor for my family. He advocates for delayed vaccines, alt vax schedules, and he supports my choice to not vaccinate my daughter. Good luck in making your decision for your family. ❤

  4. i’m delaying some and I’m not sure if my pediatrician will turn me away next time I delay them. I like this pediatrician overall but I don’t want to be forced into deciding right this second either. I’m glad your pediatrician was so supportive though 🙂 that’s the bestest

  5. Thumbs up to this post. Every word, every emotion, SO resonated with me and everything I’ve felt. You shared your heartbeat as a momma and it’s exactly the same as mine, and many others I know. Unfortunately (for me) I don’t have as supportive a pediatrician. I’ve been reading “The vaccine book” by Sears and have really appreciated the unbiased, informative, and easy breakdown it provides. <<Just incase you were looking for some resources (:

    Thanks again for this.

  6. I strongly disagree to vaccine as I grew up without receiving any, and always have found them to be useless in my view for children. But mostly because when breast feeding alone your body makes enough to protect baby’s growing body more than anything made synthetically. But the doctors wanna fine another way to make money so us women who sense something wrong have to be bullied for our choice not to unfortunately…. my child’s pediatrician is a very old Chinese man who looks as if he uses old Chinese medicine on himself. And when I told him our baby won’t be receiving any vaccinations at all, he had a nice look on his face. Chuckled and said,”lucky baby!” I was sure that he approved of my choice and ever since he’s been wonderful.

  7. That’s so great! You have an amazing pediatrician, the first one we had my son at I told her we weren’t going to vac. anymore – because of research etc. (she was so rude!). The doctor kept trying to talk me into it, the nurses were rude when bringing me the disclaimer and I never went back. It has been difficult for us.

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