our first days in our new home..

 Thank you to everyone who listened to me and sympathized as we just last month dealt with almost unlivable conditions. Even having our building evacuated at 9pm. It was a stressful time and a huge issue that needed instant resolving. And the only solution was to get on craigslist and apply at everywhere and anywhere we could. I called/emailed atleast 30 places. 
 This gorgeous North Seattle craftsman home was on the “ha YOU WISH, Jill!” list. The home that seemed unattainable but worth the long shot. But I can honestly say this was meant to be. This place felt like “the one” instantly. We jumped right on it and we so happy to hear that it’d be ours.
 There’s even a separate living area for my mom, who before lived in an apartment in our same building. She ironically was in the apartment just below us and is now once again, right down stairs. HEY! it works for us. Our long term plan is to eventually buy a home all of us. My mom helps us during the building our family years and she we’ll always be there for her too! Like most things in my life I have to remind everyone that everywhere else in the world this is common practice (much like full term breastfeeding babywearing and cosleeping). 

I haven’t had a lot of time to take photos and document things the way I like to so here’s just a hodge-podge of the past 24 hours or so. OH also, LUCY LOST A TOOTH!

16 thoughts on “our first days in our new home..

  1. Congratulations! It’s so perfect for your family. It gives me hope we’ll find our “home” sooner rather than later.

  2. I’m so happy and excited for you snd your family. What a great ending/beginning. Hope the ne house becomes a home and holds lots of amazing memories. Congrats!!!

  3. This is so amazing, Jill! I am happy for you and your family, your mama included — if my own mama was in the same country I would totally have her live with me too. I am amazed at the place we found too.. Our landlords are baby wearing, midwife having vegans. It’s a perfect fit, I’m really hoping this is our home for the next few years!

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