Insert unnecessary disclosure here:

I’m all for moms supporting each other no matter their unique individual parenting choices. However I am permanently banning this pointless disclosure from my life:
“every mother needs to do what’s right for her family!”

…how do I put this lightly…um… NO SHIT!!!!

Pardon my French, but it’s is so ridiculous how often this phrase or ones like it get tossed around, most frequently as a comment on an informative or opinionated post regarding one of the many parenting choices that seems to have an equal but opposite option.

“I don’t know how I could grocery shop without my ergo!” Gets a response of “there’s nothing wrong with using a stroller. Every mom has to do what’s right for her family”

“New cloth diapers! I love fluffy mail days” gets a response “that’s awesome that you use cloth but I use disposables. It’s what works for my family.”

But then on the other side is the fact that some people use it as a get out of jail free card. Saying something strongly opinionated but ending it in this crutch doesn’t change what your saying. Example:
“Circumcision is cruel and heartless and unnecessary. But each mom has to do what’s right for her family.”
That’s not what you mean. What you mean is that moms shouldn’t circumcised. Just have the moxie to say that if that’s how you feel.

So while I’m sure this phrase will pop up from time to time, I won’t be using it anymore because I am confident that this already a well known and excepted fact. Of course, every mom has to do what’s right for them! ::face palm head shake::

7 thoughts on “Insert unnecessary disclosure here:

  1. It’s the parenting equivalent of southern Americans’ penchant for delivering horrendous insults prefaced or followed by “…..bless your heart!” If they say that, it’s okay!

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