I didn’t lose the baby weight.

 I gave myself the first year to gradually lose the weight. And turns out gradually losing the weight doesn’t just happen on its own. HA! oops. Lost 45lbs of the 60lbs real quick and then have just stayed the same weight fluctuating losing and gaining the same 5lbs for a long time now.
I imagined that with summer it would just magically fall off. But instead of embracing the fresh fruits and farmers market offerings associated with this season, I embraced Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. Instead of running around having fun in the sun, I laid in bed with my sweet baby enjoying cool shady afternoon naps.
I’d be lying if I said I was ok with it, that I’ve embraced my fluffy mommy body. I haven’t completely. I want to be fit! I want to be healthy and strong and live forever. I want to have the energy to keep up with my girls. And I know that if I really make that a priority I will get there. But I still feel cute. Is that arrogant? I just mean that I still take good care of myself. I’m just a little squishier than I’d like.
I succeed at the things that ARE really important to me though. And this past year weight loss just hasn’t been the thing I focused on the most. I’m not a super fit mom, I’m not a beautiful spotless home mom, I’m not a juggling work and 2 kids mom. But I was a success in a lot of ways this year. So while I still need to get in shape..here’s what I DID accomplish:

I didn’t start smoking again! 

I started a blog (HA!) and kept great records of the past year and took tons of photos

My husband and I are closer than ever

I spent lots of quality time with both girls

I reached my breastfeeding goal of 12 months and am still going

I’ve done the Sling Diaries

I’ve gotten a lot better at understanding and being patient with Lucy

I grew out my hair!

Ok. so maybe this list isn’t quite as epic as I expected it to be. But whatever. The point is there right? I’m just saying that although I didn’t accomplish that one goal doesn’t mean I should feel bad. I DID accomplish lots of others.

11 thoughts on “I didn’t lose the baby weight.

  1. Jill, you are stunningly beautiful
    Young in your years
    Dedicated to your family.
    The weight will come off when the time is right….and you will figure that out
    Some of my friends fast on water, tea, and green juice one day a week and say it helps in the long run 💗

  2. Great list of accomplishments, keep up the good work. I’ve noticed that I myself need to stop comparing my new womanly mom body – you know the one that created and still nourishes my children – to my old pre-mom body from my twenties. I’m trying to find the balance between embracing my body as it is now and trying to make it better with proper nutrition and exercise. All in moderation my friend.

    • 🙂 yeah my body is unrecognizable but I’ve come to terms with that. Still I love all those fit Pilates moms in lululemon gear!! I wanna walk around with a glass life factory bottle and a yoga mat!! Haha! I think it’ll be my next phase as another comes to a close 😉

  3. I think it’s a damn good list! And you are gorgeous inside and out so that last 25 lbs might not be as healthy and important as you sometimes think. Of course you know I understand the frustration with the scale, but you have so much going for you. And I think not smoking again makes the list off the charts, that’s a huge accomplishment!

    • Thank you Melissa!! 🙂 and honestly I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay away from cigarettes after mila was born. With Lucy I craved them so bad after giving birth. I’m so glad I haven’t this time!

  4. I love love LOVE this! This is the definition of beauty: Acceptance, acknowledgement, presence, growth, and enjoyment. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that. xo

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