A giant bear chair and 44 yellow balloons was a sort of spur the moment thing. We had her entire birthday planned. But since we are moving in a few days, and our bed is in the living room and half our life is in storage trying to organize this move, we called of the birthday and decided to just do all sorts of things we know mila loves.

 Mila has an OBSESSION with my coffee. Its a problem. I give it to her on empty but its not the same. So for her breakfast treat we got her steamed milk. Not as good as the stuff I make 😉 but its better than like a donut or something haha!


Then grandma stopped by with presents. I bought Lucy a xylophone for her first birthday 🙂 She also got a sophia the giraffe book and pjs! Mila then fell asleep for like 3 hours!

After her nap we took her to Alphabet Soup book store in Wallingford. We got her a new copy of Goodnight Moon since her copy has fallen apart. But we also got her some fun retro board books. Then we went to Archie Mcphee which was a little less successful. The photobooth scared her. She then fell asleep for her second nap.

ImageImageImageImageImageAfter 2nd nap we went to grandma’s house for family time and cake. I think it’s safe to say Mila liked the cake! It was lemon and blueberry 🙂


We then went out for dinner just the 3 of us. I was the second born and I don’t have a single memory of being with both of my parents without my sister there. I makes me want to give Mila the “only child treatment”. Not all the time but just for birthday dinner might be a nice tradition. Justin carried her on the walk there. Aren’t they dreamy? We have made this walk 101 times. They asked us how old Mila was and you could see how excited they were that she was 1. They reminded me of how frequently we came in during my pregnancy. She really was grown on wayy too much spicy thai! Haha!

We got home and I managed to successfully get her on the bed without waking her up for the first time. She has been very sleepy today. Must be a growth spurt.
Her birthday wasn’t anything epic. Not something you’d see on Pinterest. But I hope she had a good day. I just wanted to give her one nice relaxed day. And I don’t know that we totally hit this one outta the park. But this is just the first of many birthdays to come.

I love you sweet baby. I love you sweet mila.

6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILA

  1. I believe Mila had a truly Epic Birthday💗 Great Pics…Best Ever!
    Thank You for posting these,
    Love, Mom🌻

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