Wise beyond her years

Lucy really surprises us sometimes. And I KNOW I said I’d really cut back on sharing every little thing she says or does. But this was just too thoughtful not to share.

So Sunday is the day my mom and Lucy hang out together. But I texted them to see if I could tag along with them to the sprinkler park. When my mom told Lucy she said “oh god NO!!! I don’t want my mom to come she ruins everything cause she is so scared. I cant go on the monkey bars or climb up anything cause she freaks out”. My mom then tried to explain that I was just trying to be cautious but then Lucy asked her why I am so nervous about everything. And my mom said I was just born that way. She had to give me warm sponge baths as a baby because I was terrified of water. And screamed if strangers looked at me.
Lucy then said “well maybe something happened to her when she was in your stomach grandma, or when she was being born.” So thoughtful right? Especially since my birth was somewhat traumatic. My mom was in active, we’re talking 6cm+ labor for 48 hours. They were prepping her for a c-section when I had shifted and they decided to let her push. By the time I came out I was swollen and blue and had breathed in meconium. I then was rushed to the NICU where I lived with the tiny premature babies (which I guess was pretty funny looking since I was like 10lbs)

Not exactly the most gentle way to come into the world. 

The craziest thing was that fairly recently I was hanging out with a child who seems to have some pretty quirky irrational fears of his own. Which I of course found ADORABLE!!!!! but I also found out that his birth was fairly similar. That his poor mother was in labor for a days. And she was about to have a c-section when he came out. And he wasn’t breathing either.

Maybe Lucy is on to something……..

Also here’s a picture of her looking beautiful…AWWwww!!! Photo Cred: Ashley Vos

7 thoughts on “Wise beyond her years

  1. So much to be said for how our births can effect us as people, even what happened before the birth. I know with my two boys, Charlie my oldest is more serious, gets freaked out by change, a bit more reserved and takes a while to warm up to people. Casper my youngest is confident, bold, always has a smile for everyone and isn’t afraid to be silly or make mistakes. Charlie was a long LONG hospital birth, forceps, almost C section, non breastfed (totally regret that) and was in an incubator for a few days. Casper was a lovely easy home birth and breast fed. With Charlie I did stuff that makes me cringe now (putting him in his own room really young, getting him in a ‘routine’ letting him cry it out) Poor kid. Casper I guess because he was breastfed did way more co-sleeping and was in my room for a lot longer. I’m due my third boy in a week and my attitudes have totally changed, unfortunately we cant have a home birth as he’s a Spina Bifida baby but I’m wanting to breastfeed for as long as possible, we’ve bought a co-sleeping crib and I have a sling as I’m not planning on putting him down untill he’s at least 21.

    I’ve spent my evening reading your entire Blog and without wishing to sound like a total mental crazy freak, it’s brilliant. You’ve made me wanna try my hair donut out again (after hurling it at the cat last time) and you look like Zooey AND you have amazing glasses and your kids are beautiful and clearly very wise.

    Ok I’m done!

    • AWw I feel like I have a lot in common with you. Theres no shame is saying you learned and might not have always gotten it right the first time around. With lucy I have a lot of those things. She was the one that experience all the trial and error. Then Mila got this confident mom that knew what worked for her.
      So I’ve never known a baby with Spina Bifida though I can pronounce it perfectly cause they always mention it during the 20 week ultrasound. How serious a diagnosis is it? either way he’s lucky to have a devoted mama.

      Also thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

      • No thank YOU 😀

        I also think having a new partner helps hugely in how I parent differently. My first husband was ummm lets say difficult. Being with someone kind and patient who accepts me for me the good and the oh so moody, really helps!

        Reading your post on family really struck a chord with me, I never planned on meeting anyone else and if I did they certainly wasn’t going to have anything to do with my precious boys. All that changed though and although that hasn’t always been easy ‘Nooo of course you can’t show him Michael Jacksons Thriller video he’s six!’ We’ve slowly over the last few years become our own version of family (with three different surnames!) So I’m so excited to have this baby as it feels like it’ll be the last bit of glue that seals us all together.

        As for the Spina Bifida it’s a kind of wait and see sort of thing, I’ve got it, so best case scenario he has it like me (I walk pretty much fine) If you didn’t know I had it you wouldn’t know i had it, you’d just think I walk a little wobbly. Worse case is wheelchair no walking but even if thats the case we’re gonna enable him to do everything and be as independent as everyone else. A lot of stuff we’re not gonna know, we just have to wait and see, he might not walk at one but maybe he’ll walk at two you know.

        I’m just so fraggling excited though! Just woke up from a nursing dream and now I’m all just achy to see him and smosh him and love all over him till he gets sick of me!

        Right sorry, rambling on again…Look forward to reading more of your lovely words and seeing your fab pictures!

      • Its SO hard mixing a family. lots of emotions and power struggles. It was SO hard for me the first time Justin yelled at Lucy. Mind you she was jumping on a couch by an open window and he told her repeatedly she could really get hurt…still it was alarming and its hard to let him take on those parenting roles and stuff.
        And its gotta be so hard knowing first hand the struggles your little one will be facing. But what more can you do than hope for the best and educate yourself (which clearly you have a major head start on haha!) Still I’m happy to hear its something people live healthy full lives with 🙂

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