I am so incredibly excited and honored to be on the Carry Me Away site showing some great baby wearing tips they’ve come up with to help new babywearers get more comfortable in their ring sling.
I cant say enough good things about . I actually got my first ring sling from their site, a pure linen in wheat. It arrived within 3 days of ordering it, carefully shipped with care. I instantly feel in love with the linen but wanted to upgrade to silk but was unsure about what color to get. I wrote them on facebook and they were SO helpful and even special ordered the color that I wanted even though it wasn’t in stock. Such awesome customer service!

Here is a link to the tips to feeling comfortable and safe with your sling:


9 thoughts on “CARRY ME AWAY

  1. Brilliant tips, thanks! Like So many, I’ve found I don’t use my ring sling much because it pulls on my back. I will use these tips to try and make a few small adjustments to how I wear my daughters. 🙂

  2. I don’t feel like my 16 week olds bottom is far enough in the sling while doing a tummy to tummy carry with her legs out. How can I adjust this? If I put her feet into the sling, I feel like they are not crossed the correct way and hurting her 🙂 Also my sling was made by Rebecca from Lil’Peeper Keepers on Etsy, and the shoulder is sewn if you get what I mean, I can’t seem to get the back of the sling flat’ish across my back. I am new to this! Thanks!

    • Some people like the sewn and padded shoulder slings but I don’t for that reason, still it’s good to try and spread it as much as possible. And I used to tuck the bottom rail of the sling into the top of Mila’s pants to make sure the seat was deep enough. It rarely stays tucked but it’s a good way of getting the bum totally covered and knees supported.

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