Sakura Bloom Fabrics (updated)


Still, the single questioned I get asked the most is “which sling should I buy?”. Never anything about nursing or marriage or cosleeping, which is more than ok with me. I collect slings like some 8 year old collecting baseball cards. I enjoy talking about them!
I thought I would first break down the slings from lightest to heaviest since this seems to be the most important characteristic. Then I’m going to talk a little about the 3 different fabric options currently offered.



Perks to the lightweight:
Summer friendly, great to learn on and easily glides through the rings.

Perks to heavierweight:
supportive, better for bigger babies, keeps them warm during the colder month

Now a little about the fabrics.


This is a Pure Linen in Mint. No filter and natural light. This fabric is much lighter weight than any carrier I’ve ever held. I would compare it to an Ikea pillow case. I expected a drastic change when I washed it (on cold, followed by hanging to dry) but nope. Exactly the same. The only way to get this buttery soft like a favorite old t-shirt is by using it. That being said, the double layer linen is a hard one to break it, but once you do the pay off is huge. Now that Mila is over 1 we find ourselves using the double layer linen often. Its supportive, grips well, is hard to break in, but also hold her in place the best.


After washing a silk (machine wash on gentle, hang to dry) the silks lose some of their shine, show more of those little nubs that make the fabric so recognizably silk and become lighter weight and softer. yet no less supportive. Each time you wash it, it will lose some of its color saturation and shine though.


The silk brand new out of the box is your safest bet. It is the quickest to break in. Is cozy for a newborn, supportive for a toddler, can be dressed up or dressed down. Dupioni silk is very lush and expensive looking. And their newest colors are so vibrant and saturated.


IMG_4318 (1)

This fabric is textured all over. Not the random lumps but a constant fine texture through out. This somewhat stiff but very supportive fabric has a unique texture almost like a micro-corduroy. It’s made of 101 different variations of the color. There will be a dark mustard thread right up against a pale buttercup yellow. I’ve found that the colors aren’t as inky as with the simple/essential silks. The finish on linen is like a cream base nail polish. The finish on the silk is like a shimmer polish. And the finish on the Luxe is holographic. The are so many different shades. Its a showstopper.



IΒ washed it and got a much better photo of the color!! This also does the texture more justice. This sling is the favorite, hands down. Its a perfect middle of the road sling. Strong but thin. Beautiful and luxurious. Supportive but not too beastly. That being said, you have to put the work in. I see so many people expect to just love their luxes instantly, especially with the high price tag. But it’s like a pair of dr. martin boots. They are fantastic, but not at first, you have to give it time. ButΒ once you do you have a cozy pair of work boots that will last you years. If you are someone who plans on wearing almost daily long term, I highly recommend the luxe fabric.

Lastly, here’s a link to the video I made comparing the different slings:

32 thoughts on “Sakura Bloom Fabrics (updated)

  1. Thank you much for breaking it down like that! I’ve been hesitant about getting a silk but now I am positive I want one!

  2. I know you don’t work for SB but just thought I’d ask your opinion…

    I won a SB simple linen sling in their giveaway and I use it all the time (you have probably seen me with it on Instagram or the SB pages and pinterest) but now that Azlan is almost 9 months and weighs about 9kg I’m wondering if I should upgrade to a stronger sling for him. I mean, the weight wouldn’t one day rip the fabric right??? I have nightmares about him one say slipping out cos he’s too heavy…or am I just trying to justify buying a silk sling?? πŸ˜ƒ

    Seriously though…are there any age guidelines with the slings?

    • That’s so awesome you won your sling!!! They are safe to use up to 35lb but at 11 months I am retiring my linen. It’s strong enough but no longer as supportive, I feel it pull. The silks really are the best investment because you can use it well past 1, even past 2!

  3. Thanks! Shame the linen might not last me much longer either then 😦 I wish I’d had it when I had Lily but I hardly ever wore her. Then Azlan came along (they are 13 months apart) and I had no choice but to carry him!

  4. Wow, $540 for the Luxe silk sling! Such an investment! Almost as much as my baby’s crib! Although they are very beautiful, I just don’t know if I’ll use it that much because my son is almost 5 months.

    • It really depends on how often you’d be using it. If you’re considering getting a sling for zoo trips or grocery shopping, might I suggest the simple silk? The pure linen can carry up to 35lbs but it isn’t supportive enough for wearing past 1. Where as the simple silk you could probably use for the next two years. The luxe is really a sound investment for someone who is going to be using the sling daily long term. If you are considering babywearing as a lifestyle/parenting choice its really worth the price tag.

  5. This was super helpful. I’ve been wanting to do the double linen (essential? Is that what it’s called? I can never keep the names in my head), but now I think I need to go with the silk. My 9-month-old girl is 30 inches and 20 pounds so I don’t think linen would last us long enough. It’s a shame because I liked the fact that the linen looked softer and more breathable. This feels like a dumb question, but do you have a choice between washed and unwashed silks?

    • The double layer WOULD be supportive enough (thats the simple and essential options). The pure is the single layer and just wont last you long enough since your little one is 9 months. They aren’t softer right up front but once they are broken in they are equally soft to the silks. The silks though are much easier to break in. If I had to guess you’d have to use an essential linen daily for 3 months to get it buttery soft. Where as with the simple silk you could probably get it there in 2-6 weeks. I LOVE washing my silks. I think they are much cozier. But they dont look quiet as luxurious..but still clearly silk.

      • Thank you so much! Your insight is always really helpful! πŸ™‚

        P.S. I think you might know my husband’s cousin’s wife, Azure! I saw a comment from you on her Facebook a bit ago.

  6. Woah these descriptions are great! I’d subconsciously been observing some of the differences you pointed out, but hadn’t really nailed them down. Now I think I should wash my luxe. I love the stiffness of the simple silk, but the luxe feels really unbroken, maybe it’s the corduroy texture (as you so aptly described?)? You could be a sling counselor!

    • The simple silks are awesome! They are supportive, you’ll use them well past 1. The luxe silks online are 2 layers and I can imagine that they are a bit of a struggle to get through the rings at first. You’ll have to work at it, break it in, BUT once you do they will be so strong and supportive! And they are by far the prettiest in person! In the sun light it’s so multitonal. Might I suggest contacting Sakura bloom about a custom single layer like mine? It isn’t nearly as thick and just as beautiful and since its one layer instead of two I bet it would be less than the $540 price tag.

  7. Okay please please please help me… I still can’t decide which sling to get… Should I spend the money for a luxe silk or go with one of the linen? What is your favorite? I’m so indecisive and really need help. Thank you

    • Get a Single Layer Luxe when it’s released in the next week or so πŸ™‚ it’s sturdy and strong, but breathable and GORGEOUS! If you are still unsure about the price or want one right away, the essential silk slings are awesome! Two layers of dupioni silk that’s lighter weight than the luxe, breaks in easily and the two colors makes it very easy to tell if its getting twisted or caught in the rings.

  8. Once you broke in the double layer linen did it feel less “heavy”? I live in central Florida and currently have a silk, single layer linen, and pixie. I am deciding between another silk or trying a double layer linen. My friend had one that she returned for a single layer, because it was SO heavy! But she never broke it in… Thoughts? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • It takes about 2 months of regular use to really break it in, but once it is I think the double layer linens are awesome!! i just got an essential and i love it so much I kinda wish I’d had it all along. Its my new favorite. the essential is nice too cause its easier to see if its getting twisted.

      • I ordered the simple linen organic maple today – I wanted the different colors because I DO notice an easier time using when I can visualize with the difference, but I wanted maple mist & it sold out 😦 Maple has been a favorite for a long time though so I’m looking forward to getting it! Thanks so much for your help! I’ve enjoyed following along with your sling diaries – your photos & stories are always so fun! Does someone “win” the series? Everyone’s have been great but I’ve enjoyed yours the most!

      • The Maple is so beautiful! You’ll love it. And aww thank you so much! There will be winners but Im not getting my hopes up..though my fingers are crossed haha πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, so many participants in the last Sling Diaries had maple, I’ve been looking at it since then πŸ™‚ When you’re in the Sling Diaries do you get to keep the slings you use? Do you know what the prize for the winner is? Seems like so much fun! Good luck!!!

      • Thank you!! We all got 3 slings for participating and the prize is one of the luxe slings <333 so dreamy. I had a single layer one and it was amazing but mila ruined it, she drew all over it 😦

      • My maple sling came yesterday, I love it! So pretty!! I think it’s my favorite now, really supportive! Wondering, have you ever heard of throwing it in the dryer to help break it in? Was considering it, but don’t want to mess it up… Thanks again for the recommendation πŸ™‚

  9. I only have the moby wrap and think it’s about time to venture out. Violet is almost 6 months and weighs about 15 pounds. I follow you on Instagram and love your ring sling photos… so I thought I would start off by purchasing a Sakura brand ring sling. I’m a newbie, and was thinking of purchasing one of the pure linens. Do you think that’s a good start?

    • I love the pure linens! But you’ll only get like 6 months of use out of it. The essential linen or essential silk is a better investment! You can use that through the toddler years and the two colors make them really user friendly. But the pure is great and you can use it up to 35lbs I believe πŸ™‚

      • I’ve been considering the Single Layer Luxe, and I love your description of it (and of all the other slings). Is it thinner than both the Essential Linen and Essential Silk? If you could only choose one sling for baby and toddler, which would it be? Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚

      • If I could only have 1 sling it would be a single layer luxe in a neutral like pewter or charcoal. It is the most supportive but lightweight. It’s silk but not as shiny as the essential/simple silks. Those bright colored essential silks are fun! But I couldn’t match them with most of my closet and so it snowballed into needing more and more to match more things…The only downside to the luxe fabric is it is a BEAST to break in, the first 6 weeks you may have a lil buyers remorse then you’ll love it!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for your valuable input. About to purchase a Sakura Bloom sling, you mention advantages in purchasing the custom single layer Luxe Silk sling, but I do not see luxe silk slings on their website, the pricier sling is called the sharb. Would you still get the same amount of support with the single layer of silk luxes as with the double layer of silk? Many thanks in advance!

  11. Considering a pure linen for my first ring sling, as I mostly foresee using it in the first 6 months for my next baby…I really used the ergo a lot as my first daughter got older. Also, we just don’t have a lot of money right now! How long do you think it takes to break in a pure linen?

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