Mila Led Weaning

 A week or so ago I made a facebook post about how I had no idea that at nearly 1, Mila would still be nursing as frequently as a newborn. Most days I still nurse her as many as 8 times before its even noon. I have been determined to nurse til 2 because that’s what the World Health Organization recommends (here). But I also want to get back to my life. I cant be trapped under a nursing/napping baby for a whole nother year. Yes part of me would like to but I have another daughter and a husband who need my time and attention too and I would like some time to myself.
 So I made a cry for help and asked friends what to do. And I got tons of great information. Some conflicting. I know I have friends who supplement and others who pump for a lot of feedings and I also have friends who feel very strongly about always nursing on demand. It was awesome getting to get advice from so many different moms with so many different experiences. 
 After reading and reflecting and going with what felt right for us, I am most impressed with the “dont offer dont refuse” method. Its under the title “weaning” on the Dr. Sears site which first scared me. I don’t want to WEAN!!! But once I realized that weaning is a long long journey and not something I’ll be doing over night (like I did with lucy, sorry darling, mama just didn’t know any better)  I realized this really is a good fit.
 We haven’t adopted all of his suggestions (you can read HERE) just the small change of no longer offering. Just nursing when Mila asks for it. Immediately I noticed a huge change. Sometimes she comes up and just wants to sit with me. I before offered her nursing anytime she came near me. I didn’t even consider, maybe she is just stop by to say hi and get a quick hug. When she wants to nurse she lets that be known. She clearly asks for “mum mums”. I was shocked at how rarely she was actually asking for it. So much so that I feared that I may be jumping the gun and she may not be getting enough nutrients.
 But the opposite is the case. She is feeding far less frequently, for longer more satisfying feedings. She is nursing off both sides in one feeding which she has NEVER done. And when out and about she now can go 3 hours without asking to nurse so long as we have a nice long feeding from both sides.
 I thought I would need to start offering more solid foods but she’s actually eating fewer. She and I both seem much happier with nursing now. Now if only I could get her to stop pinching and hair pulling and biting me. But going from like 20 short feedings to 5 or 6 feedings a day is victory enough. Once again I am so glad I talked to all my mom friends. Better than any book or doctor out there!

20 thoughts on “Mila Led Weaning

  1. I’m glad you guys could find something that works for you! It’s so true there are so many different ways babies “wean” and so many different ways that mommas can start “weaning” you just gotta go with what feels right! 🙂

  2. The longer feeder sessions are definitely more satisfying, in so many ways, than the short obnoxious feeds! I’m glad you feel better about it all. Jaime doesn’t hair pull but he simply cannot hold still. We are gymnurstics champions. Also, you can definitely continue to nurse until 2 while still gaining more independence. We left Maddie for a solo vacation 3 times before she weaned, and she didn’t even take milk from bottles or sippys. And by the time she weaned she was having sleepovers with both sets of grandparents at least once a month, on her request. Things ease up A LOT in the next few months. ❤

    • That is awesome! I am hoping to get to nurse like that too. Where I can go out with Justin and not fear that one date night will ruin my supply or something. haha!

  3. That’s awesome! I’m glad you found something that’s working for both of you. I remember the nursing days and know how time consuming it was!! I breast fed my daughter until almost 2 years old. After she was one or one and a half we kind if did the same thing where I would nurse only when she asked for it. It got to the point where she only wanted to nurse before bedtime. I missed it for a bit but was glad to have my breasts back!! Especially since she had teeth now and thought it was funny to bite me!! Anyways, my daughter is 11 now and I miss those days!!! Glad you found something that’s working : )

    • ❤ thank you so much. And yes it is SO consuming. I feel bad that all I ever talk about is nursing nursing nursing…but its such a huge part of my life right now. Im going to miss it too when its all over.

  4. Rio is 18 months and still nurses. I am getting ready to ween. nursing is exhausting me. he still gets a 230am feeding. thanks for this post. xo

  5. My son is 9 mo and for about 2 months already he bf only at night and before afternoon nap. I would go crazy if he still eats as often as baby. And thanks to that when I went to the hospital for two nights he was ok. Husband brought him once to be fed.
    I never pumped.
    But I am tired of bf and dream to wean when he is 1.

    • I got tons of other suggestions to help with the weaning process that might work for your baby. Like after 12 months instead of “nursing first” you nurse after offering solids. Not everyone thinks this method is best but it might work better than the dont offer dont refuse if your little one doesn’t ask all the time like Mila does.

  6. I really like a lot of what Dr. Sears says but all you can do is weigh the information for yourself. It’s hard being a mama when everyone has a specific way that works for them. I’m a believer that every baby and family is different.

  7. I love this! Such good information. My babe is very similar to Mila in that she is fine with lots of little nursing moments here and there (she also calls it “mum-mums!”). And I’ve been nursing her as you were – offering pretty much whenever I thought she might want to, so she nurses at least 10 times a day. I’m going to try the don’t offer, don’t refuse method tomorrow! Thanks so much for the idea!

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