Time to Move

 I’ve been really slacking on blogging. And really everything in my life. I have hardly had the energy or drive to get out of bed and put pants on. I’m so insanely stressed out. We are now frantically, with little money saved, trying to move before Lucy starts school in September. sooo like 4-5 weeks. 
 Our building was once cute and charming and has now just gone to shit thanks to a landlord who just didn’t give a shit. And every new place we look at has 30+ people attend the open house and no one wants the family with young kids and not impressive credit over the young couple with 2 incomes and great credit. So we just keep looking at places, falling in love, and secretly knowing we probably wont get the place.
 I have started to scale down things in our house and pack and organize which means there isn’t much to instagram or blog about unless you wanna see me go through my junk drawer throwing away old phone chargers and sunglass cases that I lost the sunglasses to. And what my living room looks like with wall art taken down. So yaa….

This summer just isn’t what I had in mind…

6 thoughts on “Time to Move

  1. Aww Jill sorry! Moving in less than a month is no joke. Everything works itself out, you guys will find something! And you’ll have lots to blog about once you do find your place and make the move 😉

  2. Dude, I am in the EXACT same boat! Been looking at houses, not even great homes but then there’s a ton of people there looking at them. And we are the family with young kids and no credit. My husband got super depressed last week because of it. All we want is a house with a yard. It seems virtually impossible to find that right now. But good luck! I hope we both find what we are looking for.

  3. Moving sucks! I just did it June because the house we were renting was going to be sold. I didn’t want to spend my summer moving so we hisself to find a place. Yes we were one of 15 couples looking at the potential new place and panicked. Ultimately we got it but it was stressful. Good luck to you folks. Not sure of your budget but there’s a 2 bedroom house for rent just down my street. It’s been for rent all summer (negotiable maybe?) and my husband says the owners are nice and are moving/renting out the house because they bought a new place in the neighborhood (magnolia).

  4. We just moved this weekend after randomly finding a place for lease by owner. It’ll be a grueling few weeks but once it’s done, you’ll be thankful to have your new place. Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed you find something soon!

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