3 Day Vacay

 My sister turned 30 and all she wanted for her birthday was for Lucy to come down and visit her in Portland. So my mom took her down there for a 3 day vacation and left us with her car (we normally only travel by foot). I know this makes me sound like an awful mother, but my first thoughts were “OMG YESSSS YESSS SWEET BABY JESUS YESS!!!!!!” because once you have 2 kids, having just one child to look after feels like so much freedom. 
 Now don’t get me wrong. I love Lucy. So much it hurts. But she is a handful and gets about 90% of my attention during the day. Yes Mila is the one strapped to my hip but she is so quiet and calm. Lucy is the one I’m constantly interacting with and doing something for and taking some place. 
 Day one was awesome. Record shopping, coffee shops and going out to get ice cream. Leisurely walking around the city without any “I’m bored. I don’t want to go there. But I hate chicken YUCK! I don’t want to listen to that record..” That night we relaxed and watched a movie together. It was AWESOME! 
 Day two was a bit more responsible. We slept in, got a late start to the day and took care of some errands. But when we were walking home I passed a wading pool and the ice cream man was there. And I wanted so badly to be there with Lucy. Then in the evening the house just felt awkwardly quiet. We watched another movie and got take out but I still just wanted Lucy to come back.
 Now it is day 3 and I don’t even want to get off the couch. Whats the point? We keep talking about going to a park or the beach but if it isn’t for Lucy to have fun I just see us standing there with our phones putting filters on some instagram photo…. killing time til she comes home.
 Maybe Lucy sometimes treats us like she is the center of the universe because in our family she often is. I hadn’t realized just how much of our daily activities centered around her. And it isn’t a bad thing, she is 5! She has the rest of her life to work for other people, we like doing things for her. And nothing seems as fun without her here to enjoy it with us. I cant imagine what Justin and I would do if both girls were gone with grandma. Yes going out for a romantic dinner and then catching a movie would be nice, but having fun hanging out with Lucy and Mila is pretty hard to compete with.
 I’m glad we had this time to relax and remember how easy life is with just one little one. But it has been very eye opening to me. I cant wait for Lucy to come back. I wanna play with her doll house and hear about the toppings she got on her fro-yo and tell me a story about something funny my sister did. 

2 thoughts on “3 Day Vacay

  1. I love this and TOTALLY understand how you feel. Maddie loves sleepovers but everyone jokes that I refuse to let them have her for more than 24 hours because I miss her so much, even though she drives me insane most days! Also, I keep wondering how I ever got through the first 3 years without her having a sibling?! Like, what do other babies do when there isn’t a crazed older sibling to scream with laughter at every cute baby thing they do, and dance around the room to awesome music, or play the worlds loudest game of peek-a-boo? All I know is that I did a lot more couch sitting with Maddie, and the days were very long!

    • Exactly!!! Seriously spot on Melissa. I think wtf how did I entertain Lucy?!? I guess I read more books to her. I used to read 8+ a day. Mila is lucky to get 2 before bed.

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