Summer Playlist- Updated

So the days of trying to prove how cool I am are by how obscure and rare the music  I listen it is, are long behind me. Now I just listen to what I think sounds good. I already posted this but I added some stuff after a weekend full of record shopping. Also yes I realized some of this was released  like 3 years ago and you might know. But this is honest what we listen to non stop.

The Honey Trees-To Be With You

Sketer Davis- Sunglasses

She and Him- I Could’ve Been Your Girl


CHER- Sunny


Lana Del Rey- National Anthem


Lisa Loeb- Stay

Mama Cass- Dream a Little Dream

Kate Nash- O My God

Eliza Doolittle- Money Box

Millie Smalls- My Boy Lollipop

3 thoughts on “Summer Playlist- Updated

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