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Justin and I got married at The Municipal Courts of Seattle on July 13th 2010.
This wasn’t our original wedding plan. We had gotten engaged the previous Fall. I’d come home from work sick. Justin put on a DVD of the Office, and asked me if I wanted to play monopoly. There beside the thimble and race car was an engagement ring.
I was working as a bridal consultant at the time and so the planning got real serious real quick. We put down a deposit on a venue at the, now closed, Chapel Bar where we got cocktails during the week often. My boss at work began sketching up vintage inspired dresses. And we began collecting pre 1940 tobacco tins for center pieces…we had 3 different inspiration boards in our living room. 3.
Then in the beginning of July we got our wedding bands in from the jeweler in New York. And it hit us. That we didn’t care at all anymore about this ridiculous wedding. We didn’t want to have to spend half a grand on artisan cheese. And I couldn’t bring myself to pin another photo of a chalkboard. We knew we didn’t want a wedding anymore. We wanted a future, together. And we just wanted to wear our bands and be husband and wife.
So we called off everything in a Facebook announcement. And told our friends to just meet us at the Chapel next Tuesday, if they wanted to (those photos are all on my facebook). And Justin bought a suit at H&M. And I got my dress on a sale rack at Nordstrom for $70. It was made out of silk and had pockets. Sold.

When the “big day” came it was business as usual. My friend Allison came over. We smoked cigarettes. Ordered pizza. I painted her nails canary yellow and my own charcoal grey. Justin put on the Office on tv. And we just hung out until we went to the courthouse.
We lucked out and got the court room with an epic view of the city.
My sister recognized the judge, typical, and said he was very kind. And he was. But the poor guy could not figure out how to say Wojslaw. So I giggled uncontrollably through the vows.
We then just walked around downtown and found a cab to meet up with friends at the bar. We had a great evening with those we are closest to, getting $5 martini drunk. This bar for happy hour did like 35 different martinis all for $5. A friend bought us a mass of cake to cut. We relaxed and just did what we would normally do on a Tuesday.
Then, when I could hardly even stand, we cabbed it the 6 blocks home. Ordered Amante’s. Like one of everything from Amantes (hey we could live like kings now that we weren’t blowing a ton of money on a huge wedding). Then Justin and I just sat on the floor watching the Office, over eating at 3am and laughing our asses off.
I wouldn’t do it any other way. We had a great day. Zero stress. Very relaxed. And then we booked a one week long trip to Vegas for the Honeymoon. The smell of sunscreen, coconut and nail polish will always make me smile and remember how fun we had that week.
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9 thoughts on “7-13-10

  1. That’s a awesome wedding 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    I think weddings can get so incredibly expensive and it ends up being about the family/friends rather than the couple getting married.

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