I love you Mod Cloth!

 So a couple months ago I blogged about how hard it is to find clothing I like in my post Post Baby Wardrobe. My body looks different, and my budget is still limited like someone in their early 20’s, but I no longer feel comfortable in $8 graphic tees from Forever 21. Finding that balance between feeling like myself and feeling attractive, while still wanting to look like a “mom”. I ended the entry asking that if anyone figure out where I can shop, please let me know. I got tons of good suggestions and links shared. But ModCloth.com has really stood out.
Now I won’t that shopping from this site is anything new. Its just that it was my go to for dresses for special occasions or family photos. I don’t think I ever really looked through the separates. But I’ve found myself somewhat addicted to getting casual clothes from them which I wouldn’t have expected.
Ok for starters I just wanna run up and hug whoever runs their site and thank them repeatedly for featuring non-models all over their site. Not the rare plus sized model. Which is also hard for me to use as a guide since most are built like typical models but with big breasts and hips. I am 5’3 and 145lbs and pear shaped. I’m a medium up top but like a 10 on the bottom. SOoooo its pretty hard to compare myself to 6’0 tall athletic builds or hour glasses figures. Its not to say these types shouldn’t be on sites too. They should as should short girls, top heavy girls, girls with long legs, girls long torsos, girls with broad shoulders. It’s refreshing that their site does that, and makes imagining the clothing items on much easier.
Check out the Mod Cloth Mavens in the style gallery.
Yes they are all gorgeous girls well styled. But all look like women you might actually run into on the street.


Then on each item you can see real girls wearing the article in the reviews. But also they feature some of their employees modeling. And it includes their measurements so you can take it into consideration.

Then if you are still unsure about size, which I often am. I mean I’m a small at Old Navy and a large at Forever 21. Now at that Mod Cloth carries a bunch of different brand…oooft. So when all else fails you can talk to their customer service reps immediately. And they are very very helpful. At telling you if the yellow is more canary or mustard in person, or helping you through re-tying a bow that you untied and now it looks way different than the picture. Seriously, anything.

Now if you still are unsure about something, no worries. Order it anyways cause they do free returns and exchanges. You can print the label off right from their site to send it back. But be warned, it takes like 3-4 weeks from when you put it in the mail to when you actually get the money back in your account. Still it’s nice to know that option is there.

Ok, now to talk about the phone app. Its just like having the site in your hand. The lay out everything is so user friendly. But my favorite part is the reviews. It keeps a list of the items you recently bought, and you can not only write your review right there, but you can upload a photo. So take a selfie, write a review. BAM.
PicMonkey Collage (11)

Ok now the actual clothing. Yes most is polyester. I love cotton, but most of what I’ve gotten from this site is polyester. But you can search and see the fabrics. Its just that I’m already trying to pick stuff that’s cute, that I can nurse in, that is seasonally appropriate. Fabric isn’t on the top of the list but few things am I blown away but how comfortable it is. BUT IT LOOKS CUTE!!!!

I’m not going to kid myself. I’m not super stylish. But their stuff is pretty fool proof. The pieces stand on their own which means you can put on you usual leggings and sandals but their blouses are so fun, the outfit now actually feels like an outfit.

My favorite item? The Charter School Cardigans which I have in 3 different colors. If you follow my instagram its my rust one, my mustard one and my dusty rose one. HA. They aren’t so long and feel more modern after years of living in super long draped cardigans. But I dont really want to review each individual item. The site has great reviews already. But I’ve made 3 orders in the past couple months and gotten like 20ish different things from headbands to high waist jeans. And I have been be pleased with everything I’ve gotten. Seriously everything.

Tomorrow I’m gonna put together like two favorite outfits and post them. But for now I’m gonna go eat dinner. ❤

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