Happy Pride Week!

I have so many fond memories of the many Prides of my past. I marched in one parade as a little one (8 maybe 9) back when it was still on Capitol Hill and we’d start over by where the Cha Cha is and end up at volunteer park. There was another year I remember my mom bought me plaid stretch jeans, making me like the punkest of all 12 year old punks from the mean streets of Edmonds, WA. HA. Pride has always been some sort of official start to summer for us. Like it wasn’t really summer until you had an awful tan line from that wife beater you wore at pride.
The year I was in the parade was for a group that supported gay teachers. I wish I remembered what the organization was but I don’t. I just remember I got to write a speech about how I knew my teacher was gay but that it was awesome. I mean I didn’t care. I just remember him dressing in drag for Halloween and non of us thought it had anything to do with his orientation, it was just so awesome to see your well over 6 foot tall male teacher dressed as a woman.
A couple years after that my mom came out. Do people still say “coming out” like “coming out of the closet?” Sometimes I feel really out of the loop when it comes to hip lingo. But I digress. I have a mom and a dad. They got divorced for reasons other than my mom being a lesbian. Then later on she told us she was a lesbian. I remember the conversation, and it being pretty awkward. But then I remember thinking about the crush I had on this boy named Reid who was in my class (he was funny and wore basketball shorts year round. whats not to love?) and wishing we could just change the subject back to me. My sister never actually came out to me, she just started dating girls all the sudden. And again, I’m sure I was much more concerned with my own love life.
But homosexuality was never really treated like a big deal in our house. It was just there. It wasn’t like my mom introduced me to her token gay friend who was a drag queen and they taught me to tolerate him or something. Instead we went to softball games at greenlake and most of the team members were lesbians and were dating each other but some weren’t. Or we’d have brunch at my mom’s friends house and there would be 2 gay couples and a straight couple and like 8 dogs and 3 children.
That is my goal for the girls. To just expose them to all different kinds of loving couples and show them examples of couples who treat each other well. And not make the focus on gender or race or wealth or anything else that doesn’t matter. But its pretty easy since their grandma and aunt are lesbians. I don’t take them to pride though. For starters its a sexuality themed parade. And while I have no issues with nudity, I don’t see how seeing a bunch of men in leather thongs grinding to lady gaga teaches the girls that gay people are just like straight people. But I do get how that could be a good time for adults. So party on!! Have fun for us. And we’ll be back to celebrate again when it feels right for our family. For now though we’ll just party with the Gay Cupcake at Cupcake Royale (any excuse Jill…any excuse).

7 thoughts on “Happy Pride Week!

  1. I love this post. My husband and I don’t have family members who are gay BUT we personally have lots of gay friends. I always tell my daughter when you starting dating “guys” and then pause for a second and then say “or girls.” I completely agree in not participating in Pride Week since it seems a bit more adult friendly than kid friendly.

    I’m really excited for one of my friends in particular right now because she is planning to fly to California to get married to her partner. We live in Texas and it is very very conservative and I know we won’t be adding gay marriage to our laws anytime soon. I am super excited that other states are adding it to theirs though-it means we are moving closer and closer to a bit more equality. anyhow loved your post!

    • awww thats awesome! its legal here in Seattle. Which just makes me even prouder to be a Seattlite. But I hope it isn’t long before all the states recognize gay marriage. ❤

  2. I remember our big gay teacher 🙂 and he is still to this day the best teacher I have ever had. He managed to inspire us to play math games at recess!

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