Sick mom

So I’ve been hit with some horrific cold. Which as most mothers know, for the most part, omeans absolutely nothing to your children. They still wake up and need to be fed. Diapers still need changing. Shoe laces still get tied.
I wish I could do our usual stuff with them. But I can hardly get out of bed. I can hardly roll over enough to switch which side I’m nursing on. I would kill to go to Ballard for record shopping and cupcake royale. Or gasworks for a picnic. Instead I’m moaning around the house.
But when I really start feeling sorry for myself, I am reminded how good it is to be Lucy and Mila’s mom because they are both so loving and affectionate. Lucy rubs my back and plays with my hair. And Mila kisses my face and pets my shoulder before resting her cheek on it.
No matter how I’ve screwed them up, or will in the future, I know I must being doing something right because my girls are extremely loving. Even right now, mila is asleep right next to me. And if I kiss her cheek she won’t startle and wake up scared. Instead, she’ll turn into me and hold onto my shirt. ❤

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