Father’s Day Sling Diary- Love

*This is a blog post from my husband, Justin.



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Love is one of the strongest motivating emotions one can experience in life. Love is a strong force. The lengths in which a person is capable of going for someone they love is quite remarkable.
A few years ago Jill and I decided that it was best for our family to have her stay home. Which meant I’d have to work a second job to make up for Jill leaving hers. But I rarely complain because it’s the love I have for my wife and daughters that makes the hours at work pass by so quickly. It’s my motivation day in and day out. Looking forward to spending quality time with them is what keeps a smile on my face when it’s 2am and I’m just starting to clean the bar. The love for my family is what makes coming home after a long shift worth it all.

This post is a part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries


8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Sling Diary- Love

  1. greeting,
    so touching to read what you wrote. i cant say too much. i wish my husband was like you 😥
    hug n kiss to jill n your daughter 🙂
    so long…

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