Stay at Home Mom Gift Giving

 Parenting is team work, and what’s mine is Justin’s and what’s Justin’s is mine. But when it comes to finances on gift giving holidays, being a stay at home mom with a $0 a year salary sucks. Because if I ask Justin for money to go big this Father’s Day, I’m really asking him to take an extra shift this week. 

 Don’t worry I got a little something up my sleeve…BUT if you guys wanna help me win Justin an amazing shave set by Imperial Barber Products, that would be an awesome way to sweeten up his Father’s Day. Yes this is shameless self promotion.


all you have to do is go like this photo on the Imperial Barber Products Facebook. Share it if you wanna go above and beyond ❤



9 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom Gift Giving

  1. You should put this “shameless self promotion” on instagram! I just voted and it looks like it’s between you and another one! :))

  2. Aaaah this is so sweet. I’m glad you won. My maternity leave is up in December and it’s so hard to even think about saying goodbye, we are already thinking up ways or me to stay home longer with Emmy. I know it will be hard but I can’t think of anything else that would be more worth it in this world.

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