Paleo Fail-Revisited

 Its been a little over a month since we totally detoxed our kitchen and threw away our microwave. I then shared our first post detox grocery haul, and shortly after that was a lengthy post about how epicly we failed at switching to a paleo life style. So here is a follow up to where we are now.
I understand that photos of my cupboards aren’t exactly thrilling, my next post will be cute kids and bubbles or something to balance it out. But I assume that there are tons of families out there like mine that read the articles and are terrified about what toxins we expose ourselves and our children to but making the transition is confusing.
One recent change, which I wouldn’t have expected, is we stopped shopping at Central Market and started shopping at Safeway online (not entirely, we still get some produce and deli items at a real market). But we found that with Central Market has such a huge produce section and bulk foods and artisan this and organic that, it’s large selection can be misleading.
Often we grabbed for the rustic bag of oats with the old timey label that costs $9. Then you get home and really read the label and you see scary things like “natural flavoring” or bleached. And its frustrating because you want to read every label and make the best choices but grocery shopping with two kids is pretty overwhelming. And  so now you just feel bad because your bartender husband had to make like 5 cocktails with like homemade bitters and egg white in it to get these oats that will just sit there looking cute in the cupboard.
Where as with ordering online with Safeway, I can hope online late at night and really go through and see what my options are. First things first we just search the world “organic” and go from there. I was able to get about 75% of our list organic. And since Safeway has their own line that is all easily labeled with a giant O and orange stripe on top it’s very easy to grab and go.
Now I understand the point of paleo is to eat whole foods. Non processed. And no grains. We tried…oh lordy we TRIED. It wasn’t realistic for our family. Lucy likes macaroni and cheese and teddy grams. And I like that I can just order organic options of these things that my 5 year old will eat.
What we did take away is eating more fresh produce. And I force myself to eat any produce we buy. I tell myself “ok Jill you can have your english muffin with cheese on top like a hillbilly, but first eat an apple or some berries and cucumber with it”.
These simple changes have made a difference. I don’t complain about being sick or feeling nauseated as much. I rarely have a headache. And I’m down 4lbs (not great but I’ll take it). Justin though! Justin has lost at least 10lbs. And is looking GOOD. He always looks good. But his shirts are fitting better. His skin is soft and clear. And he never looks exhausted or run down anymore. And its from small changes! We still have eggs and toast in the morning. Its just that we cut up and bunch of veggis to put in the scramble and don’t put cheese on top. Cause they don’t need it.
1 month has made a difference, even though we don’t feel like that much has changed. We just don’t buy that many frozen foods. And if we do its organic. So if we use our emergency frozen pizza, I don’t feel as bad because it’s by Annie’s. We aren’t vegan, or paleo or on weight watchers or eating raw. We are just making small changes for the better. I’m curious to see what our fridge will look like a year from now.

6 thoughts on “Paleo Fail-Revisited

  1. Thats pretty much what I have been doing. I’m not being super crazy about it. I have actually just been buying produce at Dominicks (Safeway) but going to whole foods for our meats and fish. if you look at a lot of the meat and fish at Safeway it has nitrates and dyes added. nitrates are no good, although we did find an uncured bacon there…so we saved on that. A trick is to stay away from the middle aisles. That is usually where are the processed horrible things are. Granted it doesn’t hurt to have gluten free pasta and some pre-made sauces for a quick pasta dinner, and I have found gluten free oatmeal there. I think the main goal is to do what you can, and just try to eat clean foods. Trying to stick to a regimented diet is too stressful if you don’t have the time. I mean I hardly have the time, and I don’t have two beautiful children 😀

    • We live pretty close to an actual butcher and we might start going through them. We need to just make those better choices. Slowly though :). Once all these small steps in the right direction become second nature then we can add on more.
      I’m just glad that we didn’t let the fact that a paleo lifestyle didn’t work for us just get us down and put us right back to where we were before with a diaper bag filled with juice boxes and chewy bars. haha!

  2. Hi!! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did. I don’t have kids but I love reading about your adventures in Seattle (where I am too!).

    We have recently started to clean up what we eat through the Slow Carb diet, which is like paleo except you have a cheat day each week.

    Have a good day! I look forward to following your blog 🙂

  3. That is realistic and good… Just please don’t go all “clean eating” and post pics of veggies and tag them “clean eating”.. Ugh. It’s called a healthy diet!

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