Happy Pride Week!

I have so many fond memories of the many Prides of my past. I marched in one parade as a little one (8 maybe 9) back when it was still on Capitol Hill and we’d start over by where the Cha Cha is and end up at volunteer park. There was another year I remember my mom bought me plaid stretch jeans, making me like the punkest of all 12 year old punks from the mean streets of Edmonds, WA. HA. Pride has always been some sort of official start to summer for us. Like it wasn’t really summer until you had an awful tan line from that wife beater you wore at pride.
The year I was in the parade was for a group that supported gay teachers. I wish I remembered what the organization was but I don’t. I just remember I got to write a speech about how I knew my teacher was gay but that it was awesome. I mean I didn’t care. I just remember him dressing in drag for Halloween and non of us thought it had anything to do with his orientation, it was just so awesome to see your well over 6 foot tall male teacher dressed as a woman.
A couple years after that my mom came out. Do people still say “coming out” like “coming out of the closet?” Sometimes I feel really out of the loop when it comes to hip lingo. But I digress. I have a mom and a dad. They got divorced for reasons other than my mom being a lesbian. Then later on she told us she was a lesbian. I remember the conversation, and it being pretty awkward. But then I remember thinking about the crush I had on this boy named Reid who was in my class (he was funny and wore basketball shorts year round. whats not to love?) and wishing we could just change the subject back to me. My sister never actually came out to me, she just started dating girls all the sudden. And again, I’m sure I was much more concerned with my own love life.
But homosexuality was never really treated like a big deal in our house. It was just there. It wasn’t like my mom introduced me to her token gay friend who was a drag queen and they taught me to tolerate him or something. Instead we went to softball games at greenlake and most of the team members were lesbians and were dating each other but some weren’t. Or we’d have brunch at my mom’s friends house and there would be 2 gay couples and a straight couple and like 8 dogs and 3 children.
That is my goal for the girls. To just expose them to all different kinds of loving couples and show them examples of couples who treat each other well. And not make the focus on gender or race or wealth or anything else that doesn’t matter. But its pretty easy since their grandma and aunt are lesbians. I don’t take them to pride though. For starters its a sexuality themed parade. And while I have no issues with nudity, I don’t see how seeing a bunch of men in leather thongs grinding to lady gaga teaches the girls that gay people are just like straight people. But I do get how that could be a good time for adults. So party on!! Have fun for us. And we’ll be back to celebrate again when it feels right for our family. For now though we’ll just party with the Gay Cupcake at Cupcake Royale (any excuse Jill…any excuse).

The Sling Diaries-Joy

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Being pregnant with Lucy was like being pregnant with a lion. Strong and spirited, her kicks made me double over. She danced into the world , practically delivering herself. Even the nurses looked stunned. We named her Lucy Luxx. Both mean light. And it fits her perfectly. She can light up even the darkest hour.  She made me a mother.

Being pregnant with Mila was like being pregnant with a kitten. The smallest flutters, her kicks felt like a gentle burrowing. We considered a few different names. She was almost Rosie Lee. We decided on Mila because it looks and sounds so dainty. And we chose Valentine for her middle name because I knew she’d be so easy to love. I was smitten the moment I heard her tiny heart go lub-dub. She completed our family.

 My girls are so different. One surprises me, the other comforts me. And while they both bring me the same amount of joy, it is in very different ways they both find joy in life.

Lucy is adventurous and expressive. She wakes up and runs to the sliding glass door and before she can fully greet us, she first greets the world. Soaking in the daylight, the first words out of her mouth are “can we go to the park?” She craves the fresh air and freedom.

Mila is precious and fragile. Nothing brings her more contentment then being held close to my chest. Or being wrapped in her fathers arms, warm and safe from the unknown. But it is watching her big sister that brings her joy. If you go through many of my photos holding or wearing Mila, you’ll notice she is smiling looking to the side. It’s Lucy she is smiling at.

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Sick mom

So I’ve been hit with some horrific cold. Which as most mothers know, for the most part, omeans absolutely nothing to your children. They still wake up and need to be fed. Diapers still need changing. Shoe laces still get tied.
I wish I could do our usual stuff with them. But I can hardly get out of bed. I can hardly roll over enough to switch which side I’m nursing on. I would kill to go to Ballard for record shopping and cupcake royale. Or gasworks for a picnic. Instead I’m moaning around the house.
But when I really start feeling sorry for myself, I am reminded how good it is to be Lucy and Mila’s mom because they are both so loving and affectionate. Lucy rubs my back and plays with my hair. And Mila kisses my face and pets my shoulder before resting her cheek on it.
No matter how I’ve screwed them up, or will in the future, I know I must being doing something right because my girls are extremely loving. Even right now, mila is asleep right next to me. And if I kiss her cheek she won’t startle and wake up scared. Instead, she’ll turn into me and hold onto my shirt. ❤

Father’s Day Sling Diary- Love

*This is a blog post from my husband, Justin.



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Love is one of the strongest motivating emotions one can experience in life. Love is a strong force. The lengths in which a person is capable of going for someone they love is quite remarkable.
A few years ago Jill and I decided that it was best for our family to have her stay home. Which meant I’d have to work a second job to make up for Jill leaving hers. But I rarely complain because it’s the love I have for my wife and daughters that makes the hours at work pass by so quickly. It’s my motivation day in and day out. Looking forward to spending quality time with them is what keeps a smile on my face when it’s 2am and I’m just starting to clean the bar. The love for my family is what makes coming home after a long shift worth it all.

This post is a part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries


Stay at Home Mom Gift Giving

 Parenting is team work, and what’s mine is Justin’s and what’s Justin’s is mine. But when it comes to finances on gift giving holidays, being a stay at home mom with a $0 a year salary sucks. Because if I ask Justin for money to go big this Father’s Day, I’m really asking him to take an extra shift this week. 

 Don’t worry I got a little something up my sleeve…BUT if you guys wanna help me win Justin an amazing shave set by Imperial Barber Products, that would be an awesome way to sweeten up his Father’s Day. Yes this is shameless self promotion. 



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Gender Roles

I was lurking my dad’s Facebook to see if he’s been on lately, when I saw these seriously picture perfect loaves of bread he had baked. It reminded me of some of the great meals he’s cooked for me. And my grandfather! He could cook! The men in my life (not every guy I dated but the men that raised me and my husband) have always been what I’ve jokingly referred to as “fancy men”.
And I don’t mean to imply they aren’t masculine. They all are. In an old timey, well read, shine your shoes, take your shirts to the dry cleaner, expensive liquors, articulate, clean! and polished men way.
I had posted a photo of Justin, boasting about how helpful he is and how much he cleans and it got reposted a ton of times and like 10,000 people liked it (which is so awesome and flattering and made me feel very special!) but it totally caught me off guard how surprised people were that Justin cleaned. I mean I get it, he helps A LOT. And always has. But some people commented that what I’d written had to be fake. And it isn’t!!
My mother did most of the cleaning but I do have tons of memories of my dad manically scrubbing the kitchen or detailing the car or taking a nail brush to his hands after a day of yard work. I’ve never ever thought of cleaning as a woman thing.
And to be fair the women I lived with growing up were my mom, who manages a construction company and in her spare time was at boxing. And her girlfriend at the time, who was my softball coach and who is a tiler (like she lays tile). And my sister who has almost always had men’s haircuts and only wears men’s clothing. And my moms best friend was around a lot and he is a man who loved arts and crafts and jazzercise! And I learned how to apply my makeup by reading a Kevyn Auccoin book my mom bought me cause she never wore makeup. I was the only one in a house of 4 women who wore anything more than mascara.

In our house hold today, Dad cooks and cleans. And mom cooks and cleans. And mom online shops for shoes, then dad online shops for shoes. The only thing that we do that is because I’m the woman and he’s the man is that I breastfeed and he pees standing up. Other than that we just don’t have gender roles and I never have.
I don’t know that there’s a real point to this other than wondering, did everyone else have a dad who came home and planted himself in front of the tv and watched football while mom cleaned the house in heels? Did that actually exist for people in my generation? Is this anyone’s current reality? No judgement, I didn’t choose to have the adults raise me that did, I’m not entirely against these typical roles. I’m just so curious to everyone else’s situations if anyone’s willing to share…