the last grey week.

 Seattle is often mocked for its rain. People say things like “I don’t know how you live somewhere like that.” But there is no forecast I look forward too more than overcast. Spring snuck up on us and we had an uncharacteristically warm May. Then last weekend we were gifted with one more grey week before summer.
We decided to wake up super early Tuesday and get everyone ready and surprise the girls with a trip to the beach at 9am. Its amazing how you can go to the same park 101 times. But go there first thing in the morning when the city is still waking up. Or go there after dinner. Suddenly its a completely different experience.
We’ve been to Golden Gardens a ton of times. As a teenager I used to come here and drink 211 with my friends. In the summer, we come here for birthday parties and going away parties. But never have we gone to Golden Gardens on a grey day, when it’s sprinkling, first thing in the morning.

The moment we get there Lucy runs to the waters edge and stands there with her arms outstretched. My mom and I have looked back on photos of her doing this and always wondered, is she taking it all in or letting it all out? Mila is an indoor girl but is being a trooper snuggled up and layered, wrapped closely on my chest. And Justin and I soak in a rare quiet moment, to drink our coffee. Holding a conversation without interruption, we cant help but keep asking ourselves, “why don’t we do this every morning?”
golden gardens1

goldeng6 goldeng8

goldeng5 goldeng1 goldeng2




goldgne13 godelg12

13 thoughts on “the last grey week.

  1. Your pictures. I mean…they dont even look real.
    I love Lucy with her arms wide open, such a great picturw to have. Id blow that one up and frame it…but not before adding some great quote. Its something she could have forever. So timeless.

  2. I don’t know how we wandered into each other’s instagram feeds, but we did, and I like it. My husband and I keep going back and fourth on whether or not to move to Seattle (my most recent blog post is about it), but if we do, we are so hanging out.

    • Thank you! I get teary every time I read that part aloud. It’s like laughing at my own joke, I know. But Lucy is so emotional and complex and expressive…I just love her so much!!!

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