Oh I know. That meme, the one that’s like “Hey that photo of yourself you posted today looks exactly like the one you posted yesterday, and the day before that, and that day before that”..it always kinda makes my stomach turn when I see it cause I think ‘oh god I hope that’s not about me.’ It seems like all my photos are unintentional #babywearing #ringsling pictures. So much so that every time Justin raises the camera to take a photo of us I contemplate taking her out of her beloved slings just so I have a photo of us that isn’t “babywearing”.
 But this is the reality of our life. We walk everywhere. We eat out often. And if we leave the house, Mila is on my chest, in one of our slings. Especially if we go to a restaurant. The alternative is to bring a ziplock bag of cherrios or puffs and push her up against the table in a high chair and leave a 25% tip because for the next hour she is going to TEAR THIS PLACE APART! Or she can rest on me, nap as she pleases and we will all have an enjoyable eating experience. 
 Today we first walked to get thai but that was closed. Then our sushi place was closed. And we just kept walking til eventually we ended up at Gorditos. Which I craved so much during my first trimester I was almost afraid to eat any cause I’d get horrible flash back to morning sickness and never ending headaches. 
 Thankfully all I was reminded of was how fricken GOOOODDDD Gorditos is. It is the gem of Greenwood Ave. Dont ever change Gorditos. Your light, veggi heavy bright Mexican food is a refreshing change to the greasy, lard and cheese ridden chains. 









3 thoughts on “Gorditos

  1. hey… it’s anna_lu_lu from instagram 🙂 the food looks super delicious… now I’m craving a wrap. yum. also, I wished my girl would like to be worn. I tried a few different slings, carrier and wraps, but she doesn’t like it much. she likes to be carried in my arms, just not being wrapped in something I guess. anyways… I found your blog 🙂 finally made it here. check out my blog if you like. greetings to ya’ll

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