Liebster Award Part Deux

I say part deux because I already did one of these when I first started blogging, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked where as this time I think I got the hang of things. This is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers to support each other and help you branch out to other writer you may like to follow, or may want to follow you.
(requirements consist of naming your nominator and providing a link to that person’s blog, posting 11 facts about yourself, answering your nominator’s 11 questions, nominating 11 more bloggers, and creating 11 questions for those bloggers to answer)

I was nominated by Ruby of The Hippy Geek!

11 Facts about me:

  1. The farthest I’ve ever traveled is Germany. My friend had to practically put me in a drug induced coma to get me on the planes.
  2. I didn’t go to college. I wish I had. Not for the education or job potential. But I watch shows like Felicity and wonder what it would have been like to be out on my own like that in a different city, living in a dorm.
  3. The first, and only, car I owned was a 1962 falcon. Too bad I never learned to drive. We sold it to a dad who was going to be surprising his daughter on her 16th birthday with it.
  4. When I was 15-19 I booked and promoted punk/psychobilly/rockabilly shows. So many ulcers. Horrible job. Bookers probably live short lives.
  5. I have my first husbands nickname tattooed on my upper arm. whoops.
  6. I went to a non graded co-op school for kindergarten through junior high.
  7. I wish my name was Beatrice.
  8. I’m brazilian/russian/anglo-saxon.
  9. I was pregnant on my 21st birthday.
  10. I used to be vegan.
  11. I got pre-eclampsia with both of my girls.

My 11 Questions from Ruby

1. Who was your childhood hero? Mary Kate Olsen (still is.)
2. Who would win in a fight: Cthulhu or the behemoth? I had to google that. still not sure.
3. Tell me about your most memorable teacher? BILL! My 1st-3rd grade teacher. Who actually lived with us for a while and spent Christmas with us. He’s artistic and funny and made my mom happy. NOT LIKE THAT. He’s gay and she’s a lesbian soo…
4. What was your favourite age? 26. I am having a great year!!!
5. What happened on your 10th birthday? The theme was “Now and Then” which was my favorite movie so we had a 1960’s themed slumber party. We made purses out of old jeans. And drank soda out of glass bottles and my aunt read our fortunes with tarot cards…ooohhh spooookky.
6. What does your sock drawer say about you as a person? I wish people knew how much leopard print and black lace was under all these doubty oversized layers of clothing. haha! Also I almost never wear socks.
7. Paper books or ebooks? Why? PAPER! I get migraines from looking at screens.
8. If you could be a book character, who would it be? Holly GoLightly.
9. Describe yourself in five words or less? always a woman.
10. How do you take your tea? GINGER. PLAIN.
11. What classic novel do you wish you’d actually read as a child?

My 11 Questions to my nominees

1. Which relative do you have the most in common with?
2. What is your favorite song lyric?
3. What is your favorite, family friendly, movie?
4. If you could be in the Olympics for any sport, which event would it be?
5. What is your favorite month and why?
6. What was the worst job you ever had?
7. If you could pick a different name for yourself what would it be?
8. What day in your life do you wish you could relive?
9. What do you love most in your spouse, of if single, what do you look for in a partner?
10. What food do you eat most often?
11. What is your favorite luxury item that you buy yourself?

I nominate:

1. Sarah from A Girl in Transit.
2. Melissa from Ezactly.
3. Wendy from CariBirth.
4. Bridgid from Naturally Attached.
5. Slingaholic Mama from Slingaholic.
6. Haley from Life is Sweet.
7. Kelly Rae from Foxes in the Graveyard.
8. Lydia from Lyds Was Here.
9. Claire from Born and Raised.
10. Alixandra from Dear Darling Baby.
11. Hannah from Krustee.

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