Sakura Bloom Guide

I decided to make this video showing the three main types of ring slings sakura bloom sells. I don’t work for the company, they didn’t ask me to make this, actually it was another mom, Emily from 9 months & Beyond who did 🙂 which is awesome and super flattering. I mega failed at using woven wraps and sucked at back carries so feeling like an ‘expert’ at ring slings has made my night!! Please excuse Justin’s, PANT-LESS reflection in my glasses 😉 haha.

I hope this is helpful. And again this is just to help those who have already decided they want to try a sakura bloom and now want advice on which one to get.

16 thoughts on “Sakura Bloom Guide

  1. Thanks so much for this video! Currently pregnant with number 3 and wanted to do baby wearing this time and so confused as to what to get! This helped 😀

  2. Well if you don’t work for them ya should Mama cuz this helped me way more than their website! Now I’m deciding between the “Pure” and the “Simple” Silk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I would have thought of this before I spent my tax return! Thanks again for doing this – it was super helpful ring sling master!!

    • You wont regret a silk. I totally got one with my tax return haha…no joke. And I was instantly in love. Only issue was I got Sangria which is gorgeous for winter but is a lil vampy for spring/summer. I wish I’d gotten a more neutral color. I always just pick based on “ooohh that’s PRETTY!” not “oh that will actually match what I wear.” haha!! ❤

  3. How do you pull off adorable, nerdy and hot mom all at once?! Super helpful, though. Next years tax refund is already partially spent! 👍

  4. I would have NOT seen the pant-less Justin if you wouldn’t have been saying it. LOL. I’m really tempted to check out the ring sling. I’m just afraid to spend lots of money and then my baby not liking it. My girl is only 5 months old, but she is 27 tall and 20 lbs… so I probably would need a double layered one. Like I mentioned in the other commend… I’d love to wear my baby, but so far she didn’t like any sling, wrap or carrier I’ve tried…. she hates being wrapped in something. she likes me carrying her around in my arms, I guess because she isn’t wrapped in something.

    • When you carry her how does it look? I tote mila around on my hip all day so the ring sling mimics how I hold her. Mila wont do back carries or front facing because that’t not how I carry her. And when mila doesn’t like the carrier I walk around. it calms her. early on she fussed when I tried wrapping her and it was very discouraging. then I just learned she LOVED it if we just walked around.

  5. I was carrying her on the front with the wraps and the carrier. and once on the back with the carrier, but on the back it is just to uncomfortable for me with the carrier. when I carry her without anything, then I mostly carry her on my side/hip or the way your Justin sometimes carries your Mila (the picture that you’ve posted on instagram) … I will look into the sakura bloom, I have another online friend that loves it and her baby loves it too. Her baby is about the size of mine, just older.

    • Yeah mila is older but smaller. I bet you’d like a double layer sakura bloom. The essentials are easier to learn on because you can clearly see if it gets twisted because its 2 colors. And you can do a front kangaroo like carry with them. “Ruffledsnob” on IG posted some awesome photos doing it 🙂

  6. I started following you in IG after seeing your adorable pics on all over Sakura Bloom’s various social media outlets and just think you and your family are adorable. And this video cracked me up because as I’m telling all my friends and family about how much I love my Sakura bloom ring sling, I never know if I’m saying it right either. 😉
    Ps. I have a Lucy and a Mira so I think that’s another reason why I love you so much. 💚

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