My last lucy entry

 I’ve decided that this summer will be my last summer of sharing Lucy’s life on facebook, instagram and even this blog. I may share the occasional family photo, or school portrait, but I knew I had to pick a time to no longer determine for her how the world will see her and what preconceived ideas they’ll have of her.
 If she knows too much about herself through my perspective, I worry that she wont get to find herself on her own. She’ll read that she has always been bossy and believe it. And act accordingly. While I absolutely see the value in blogging and sharing online at some point she should share her own life and not through me. Imagine if my mom had a blog about me! That’d see pretty silly. 
 For me the line seems like kindergarten. The real start of her school career. From that point on there will be no foot print of every mistake she makes or any family memory made. She can remember things how she wants to. In her mind. And not from my eyes. Or camera. Yes I will continue to photograph her and have family photo albums she can look through 100 times. But it will be a bit more selective. No instagrams of her eating breakfast or in the grocery store. No facebook updates about how she has a cold. 

Yes I will continue to write about Mila. And I will stop when mila is in kindgarten. I’m probably going to re-write this blog update 101 times and have links to it everywhere because a year from now no one will remember it and just think “god, jill wont shut up about mila and never mentions lucy!” But it’s because I want to offer them both some privacy. And this is the point I’ve decided to stop. So since this will be a hard habit to break and I dont want lucy to notice any change all of the sudden I’ll be slowly phasing out Lucy’s online presence. She’s in my next sling diary entry and I’m going to share parts of our summer. But no more public over analyzing of her. I hope this makes sense. Like i said, i’ll probably re write this 1000000 times so its more concise and clear.



9 thoughts on “My last lucy entry

  1. Lucy is a beautiful girl inside and out! You are doing a fantastic job with her and no matter who’s view she is looking through, she is bound to see a loving family and a wonderful reflection in the mirror! 🙂

    • I know I’m so torn. I mean I love honestly writing about our family. But then I thought how odd it would be for her to not be able to describe her childhood to a future boyfriend her way, because he can just read about it through me. Or if some mean girl in middle school wanted to hurt her and somehow found an embarrassing photo or something silly I shared.

  2. This is my struggle. I actually debated making up a fake name for my son, not using straight on face shots, etc., etc. I think I may have to follow your lead and decide on a cut off age. Although I think many other kids will have parents posting pictures (via FB or whatever social media outlet is big in 10 yrs) a blog is definitely more personal and I want this to be something he can look back on fondly as something his mom did out of love – not completely resenting me for what he views as embarrassing him.

    • aww right?? its so hard. My childhood was super embarrassing. I would not want photos circulating of me all fat with big frizzy hair and blotchy skin. I was a late bloomer. I’m glad that those photos are all hidden in a box somewhere not on a social networking site.

  3. This is such a good idea. Very delicate and thoughtful of you. Not all the parents understand they have not only love and take care, but also to respect their kids.

  4. I just followed you on IG and wanted to stop by here. Adorable blog! I am not a mom yet; however, I often wonder about things like this and it concerns me (re. privacy with family). I love this post and your decision to allow your kids to live life offline!

    • Thank you!! I think just having an age cut off with the shameless sharing is the way to go. We get to show em off as much as we want until school starts, then I have to respect them, I still share photos of Lucy sometimes though 😉

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