Favorite Things

This would be so much more exciting if, like Oprah, I could give all these things to my friends. But we aren’t exactly affluent.

Urban Outfitters Bun Ring


The jig is up. My bun isn’t all me. Its a lot of foam. Every morning I put my hair in a messy pony on the top of my head then just fan my hair around a foam donut and tuck it in. There are tons of tutorials out there. This is my favorite one: TOP KNOT TUTORIAL

OXO TOT Sprout High Chair

photo (22)

We didn’t get a lot of baby gear. With Lucy every inch of our home was filled with some contraption or play gym or swing. This time we just bought a few key pieces that were nice. We love our high chair. Its modern and easy to clean. Heavy base so I’m (less) stressed about it tipping over in a fluke earthquake. The tray is petite, lightweight and fits perfectly in our dishwasher. And its not a complete eye sore.

Yogi Ginger Tea


It is a rare day that I don’t at some point ask Justin to make me ginger tea. When I eat, its often while also preparing Lucy food, nursing mila and calling to confirm or reschedule some appointment. It isn’t often I sit alone and enjoy a meal. The result is frequent stomach aches and nausea. Ginger is the best, nursing friendly, solution. And of all the teas, and trust me I’ve tried them all, Yogi Ginger is my favorite. For flavor and function.

Lisa Loeb- Firecracker


Lisa Loeb will always be my favorite sentimental quirky girl in glasses. “Stay” is favorite song she recorded and its not on this album, I have it on the Reality Bites soundtrack. I’m not sure if it was on one of her albums. But a ton of winners are on Firecracker. When Dad is at work, Lucy is asleep and Mila are the last ones standing…this is what we listen to. This or the Honey Trees (her favorite, not mine.)

Bass Enfield


I meaaaannnnnnnn…….oxford saddle shoes. And they are comfy. Come in wide and narrow options. Are plaid lined. And Zooey Deschanel wears them on the inside cover of the She and Him Volume 3 album. They are easy like Toms but make me feel a whole lot more polished. I get compliments any time I wear them and they are like $12 more then Toms. But I did have to re-teach myself how to actually tie shoe laces after years of ballet flats and slip ons.

Redbook Magazine


Trust me, I wish my favorite reading material would get me an invite to a local book club. Or at least my favorite magazine was something like Vogue, W or Kinfolk. But of all my subscriptions, this is the one that gets read cover to cover. While Cosmo might suggest using ice cubes and a meat cleaver as a part of a lap dance, Redbook will actually give out tips for how to get it on in the hallway without waking up the baby. And I wish I could afford or pull off a Miu Miu pant suit I see in Vanity Fair, but the affordable clogs and scarf tutorials shown in Redbook are more my speed.

Butter London- Muggins

photo (21)

Muggins by butter LONDON is the perfect lilac. I put about 5 drops of black (union jack black to be exact) in my bottle which made it that awesome Grey/Lilac that I wish I could dye my hair. Last fall/winter when I was really into vampy dark lips, but didn’t find it practical to my stay at home mom lifestyle, I wore La Moss on my nails. I also love their Nail Foundation. Two coats makes your nails look like you’ve had a buff to shine.

Elizabeth and James Eyewear


I’ve gotten so many sweet compliments on my new glasses. Thank you! They are by Elizabeth and James. And they are awesome. Durable. Heavy. And fit very comfortably. My frames are the “spring” style and I couldn’t find them on the site anymore. But I’m sure they are available somewhere!

The Wrap by Solly Baby


WAHHTT? I know. You were probably expecting me to say Sakura Bloom. Which are my favorite carrier, HANDS DOWN (especially the Simple Silk Sakura Bloom). But strechy wraps are the gateway drug into a full blown babywearing addiction. By 6 months you’d want to switch to something more supportive. But I love this company for showing smart chic babywearing mamas. Whoever decided carriers are just for crunch moms is wrong!

The Other Woman


I dont know how anyone disliked this movie. It made me cryyyyy. I’ve watched it at least 8 times. And would probably watch it again today if it wasn’t always like $6 on demand. Natalie Portman plays “the other woman” who suffers a horrible loss that then makes her relationship with her husband and step son even more strained. THE DRAMA OF IT ALL!

Cioa Bella Gelato Squares


GET SOME!!!!! like now.

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