goodbye to the office

 The final episode of The Office airs in about an hour here in Seattle. So no spoilers. I understand that this is just a TV show. It’s a sitcom. But it feels like the end of an era. I first started watching it with my husband, Justin and I’m sad that tonight its over. And worse, I wont get to watch it with him.
When I met Justin, Lucy was 6 months old. I was an exhausted single mom with a very demanding infant. I was going through a brutal divorce and went from living in a precious two bedroom home with a white picket fence and daisies in the front, to sleeping on a couch in my moms tiny vintage apartment. Everything about me was tired. My arm. My brain. My eyes. I was exhausted and emotionally drained before I even got pregnant with Lucy so by the time she was 6 months I was a mess.
He and I kinda started seeing each other but the fact that I had a baby and he was planning a move to California stopped us from getting serious. We were just friends and quickly became really good friends, texting almost constantly. And once or twice a week, I would put Lucy to bed and leave her with grandma. And I’d get on a bus for 45 minutes then walk from downtown to Capitol Hill to hang out with him.
I’d meet up with him at the bar he was working at, wait for him to get off. Then we’d walk together to his place. When I got in the thing first I would ask was to take a bath. No joke. Taking a bath alone is something single moms just don’t to do. While I was in the tub he’d do my laundry and give me one of his old tees and adidas pants to wear. He’d order us Amante’s pizza and put in the next Office DVD in the series.
He had a cozy studio and the TV was at the foot of the bed. We’d sit on the floor there together and just laugh all night. It would be the only time out of the week I felt relaxed. We’d stay up ridiculously late then I’d actually get to really sleep. It would only be for a few hours before I had to go and get back home to take care of Lucy. But those few hours were the only actual hours of restful sleep I got.
Now clearly, when you meet a man who does your laundry and feeds you dinner and makes you laugh and hangs out with you while your in his pajamas without any makeup on, you don’t just let him go. Or move to California. NO. That’d just be stupid. So after almost 6 months of this routine I finally told him that I loved him and wanted to be with him forever. 4 months later we were engaged and living together and then EVERY NIGHT was Office night. We didn’t have cable and we just re-watched the seasons over and over. We had every line memorized and its in the background of most of Lucy’s baby videos.
Yes the series got pretty lame after Micheal left. And Pam got annoying. And they should have never written Jan off the show. But that’s not the point. The point is that The Office might very well be why we are a family. It was a huge part in the early portion of our friendship that turned into more then that.
But Justin just started bartending at a new bar and has to work tonight. We were planning on ordering Amantes and we were gonna leave Lucy with Grandma. But no. Now I’m just gonna watch it alone and crrryyyyyyyyyy. I keep trying to bully him into just not showing up to work but thankfully one of us is responsible 😉

Us being assholes in the old studio. its the only photo we have from that era. We liked matching.


7 thoughts on “goodbye to the office

  1. I love this! Isn’t it crazy how a tv show can bring back such strong memories? I went to the Office Convention back in 2007 and we met so many people from the cast. It was so much fun! I haven’t followed the show much in the last few years, but really enjoyed the ending tonight. Hope you and Justin have fun catching up on it tomorrow!

  2. my husband & i have a similar connection/obsession with the office for the past 6 years. we used to watch it together when we were still dating in highschool on my moms couch every thursday.
    it is an end of era in so many ways for us. strange how one can become so connected to a show.
    i just sat here & watched the finale alone.. my husband manages a restaurant so he works nights.
    i cried like a baby. they ended it nicely i think.

  3. I think I just cried a lot reading this! That’s the sweetest how we got together story i have ever heard of. I hope you guys can have a makeup night where you can have you’re ‘supposed to be tonight night’ another night! I’m such a sucker for romantic stories! This is the best one. Hands down.

  4. Yay, I’m finally reading your blog. I love this post, I love reading about people’s ‘old days’. Our old days were brilliant….very similar (without the single mom bit, but with the exhausted, post horrible stressy break up bit) but our new ones are just as fun, if different. Did you watch the original British Office? I keep meaning to start it on Netflix.

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