Its never enough!

Hey ladies! Good news. Turns out we are never ever enough for each others parenting standards so we can all just give up and except our fate as awful mothers! Man, what a relief. Now that I just know that I will never be good enough for everyone I can just relax and shamelessly use Johnson and Johnson’s soap and watch Sofia the first.
Ok, now I’m just getting ahead of myself. We use honest company soap and we keep the Disney Channel to a minimum. And not because I am scared to death of the mommy police coming and mocking me. But because I like human friendly products and kiddie shows give me headaches. Still, I was about to Instagram a photo of Mila holding her sister’s juice box with this devious little smirk, until I realized the juice box was recognizably Tree Top apple juice, and I remembered all the articles about arsenic. And I just knew some woman wouldn’t be able to hold back and would leave some judgmental comment that would ruin my afternoon. Is this really what it’s come to? When did it become ok to shame people, publicly, about their purchases? And its not only about carcinogenic products or safety issues. Sometimes ethics come into play too. “Didn’t you know the CEO of urban outfitters hates homosexuals? That company is against immigration reform!! The spokesperson for that company bathes in puppy blood and wears kitten paw earrings!!!” Even American Apparel isn’t good enough because their ads objectify women. And trust me it bums me out. I wish every company out there was 100% ethical to MY standards all the time. But I would never go out of my way to purposely support these things. Sometimes I just see something cute and buy it.
My only defense is a public declaration that I am not a complete moron. I read too. I keep up to date on issues affecting my family. If I drink a diet coke I don’t need anyone to educate me on the horrors of aspartame. I know. But maybe I just wanted a diet coke. Sometimes, instead of hand sewing my children’s clothing from recycled burlap, I buy them shirts from Old Navy. This is not an invite for you to educate me on sweatshops. I do these things because I’m not 100% ethical all the time. If you are, well then BRAVO!!! Congratulations!!! You must sleep well at night knowing you’re perfect. I’m not though. and I don’t expect my friends to be either. If you give your kid some M&Ms and plant them in front of the TV just so you can read Vanity Fair uninterrupted, I wont think any less of you. If you have a glass of wine at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I DON’T CARE! If you  wanna eat a Papa John’s pizza I promise not to make a snarky comment about it.
By all means share links on your Facebook, recommend a book, advocate for the causes you feel strongly about. But if you leave some passive jerk comment on any of my photos I will just block you. I don’t care if you’re my sister, neighbor, or old coworker. I don’t have time to defend myself. I don’t want to filter myself because I’m afraid of getting judged by someone. I spent my late teens- early 20’s trying really hard to put up a facade that my life was perfect. And I was perfect. It was exhausting and I don’t care to do that ever again.
Someone posted a meme that was something along the lines of  ‘There’s no way to be a perfect mom but a million ways to be a good one’. I think about that everyday. Even if I don’t always make the right choice, I do try and make good ones.  We are all hard enough on ourselves and don’t need help from others to feel not good enough.

13 thoughts on “Its never enough!

  1. Gosh, I feel like we’re going to see Mila drinking a Mexican Coke in your next post. Tree Top apple juice is the GATEWAY to all bad things, you know.

    My favorite is when I’m out in public with the boy I nanny for – 99% of the time I bring a veggie squeeze pouch and a Clif Z-bar. And 78% of the time someone asks about the pouch and why he won’t eat fresh fruit or vegetables. I don’t know, ask him. But at least he gets SOME in the form of a purée.

    All you have to do is do what works for you and your family. If people want to judge, it’s because they’re insecure.

    • Hahah! There are parks that are worse then others. I had 3 ladies look at me like I was giving Lucy a cigarette when she was 2 and I gave her a sip of my vitamin water at Cal Anderson. I was like “OMG there is a bum passed out on that bench over there drinking 4 loko…and you care about my vitamin water??”

  2. Everyone has their opinion and it’s your page your time your life .. live it and fuck what someone whos lookin thru a frame of your life has to say to pass judgement… No one lives a clear blue errorless life. Keep your head up..

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