This past year or so I’ve more then ever really been able to connect with other mothers. In the past I’d always clung to my pre-baby friendships trying to prove I could make them work even though our lives were so different. I’d been warned by many other people that “Oh just wait til you have kids, any of your single friends without babies will just disappear” and I thought that was so awful to assume. As if my friends who have been there for me for years would just go M.I.A because I had a baby.
But no seriously those jerks vanished. Outta thin air. Dropping like flies. Apparently its too hard to pretend to care about my beautiful babies the way I pretended to care about the lame dudes they dated or what so-and-so said at like “trivia night!”. And most of the people left standing were other mothers. Yes there are still some sweet gals who have made the effort to keep in touch and show a genuine interest when Mila has a fever or Lucy has a dance recital. Its appreciated and I love you girls for it.
Thank you to Laura for always siding with me no matter what. I could call her and tell her I ran over a cat, on purpose, and she would be like “No judgement. You do what you gotta do! Cat had it coming” I love that you always remember to have fun with P. Real fun. Laughing with your child kinda fun.
Thank you to my August 11-15 moms. A group of like 20 of us all started talking because our due dates were almost the same and now its been well over a year that we all talk every day. These ladies have helped me through just about every major crisis I’ve had. DIY mirena removal, should I be bleeding from THERE?, why do Mila’s toes look like this?, IF I FIND ONE MORE POLLY POCKET SHOE ON THE GROUND….I love that the only thing we all have in common is our due dates. But we all parent different, live in different parts of the world, and live very different lives but we have all been this awesome support system for each other. I love you ladies so much!
Thank you IG mamas from bringing me out of that new mommy dark place of living in grey sweats and smelling bad and not wearing makeup. So many of you ladies look so beautiful despite the enormous amount you have on your plate. You still find time to paint your nails or read a magazine or make yourself a really amazing breakfast. Sure, I assume everything outside of the frame of the photograph of your perfect lil breakfast is MAYHEM and your house probably is as messy as mine everywhere but where you’re taking a photo. But keeping up with you gals keeps me showering and getting out and taking care of myself. Also I’d probably still be carrying Mila in a moby right now, overheating and hating life, if it weren’t for Courtney and Nichole and all the other babywearing moms showing me the way and being so helpful. If you actually really love babywearing, you wont make it seem like some elitist club with crazy trickery and acronyms only bw moms understands. Instead you’ll help a mom by suggesting a certain carrier/wrap, or telling her about the swap, or invite her to be a part of a local babywearing group like these ladies did for me.
Thank you local Seattle mom friends. Even if we only see each other for a birthday party or baby shower or the occasional play date. I think we all understand that friendships dont look the same as they did before we had children and that flaking and canceling plans happens. But thank you Juanita for sending me a Mother’s Day Card and a bundle of anti nausea stuff when I told you I was pregnant. Thank you Tiffany Self for the ridiculously fun gifts you always surprise us with. Lucy’s sea monkeys made my heart super happy! And to Tiff and Megan and the other moms I may just see a couple times a year, thank you for always coming to Lucy’s birthday party. I love knowing that I can at least always count on those handful of kids coming and so I know she’ll have fun and it’ll all be worth is.

And lastly thank you to MY mom. Every year I thank you for the job you’ve done my entire life but this year I’m just going to talk about what you’ve done recently. Thank you for understanding that the best help you could offer after I gave birth was to help with Lucy. I know it would have been much more fun to come over and snuggle little fuzzy newborn Mila. But it really was helpful having you get Lucy out and about having fun when I couldn’t offer her that. Thank you for listening to me talk for HOURS and HOURS about my education plans for the girls. I think we both know the WASL scores and student to teacher ratios of every school from Beacon Hill to Marysville. And thank you for bringing over Luna bars and english muffins when I was losing my mind post-paleo diet. You do so much for our family and we appreciate it so much. I love you.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I feel so lucky to know so many amazing mothers. ā¤


  1. Awww we love you too — and Lucy and Mila! And how fun that we were all due within like 5 days of each other and there’s over a month from first born to last. And seriously how different all of us are, but we share such a huge bond after the last year+ of time together. I think I’m a better mom to Emily because of advice from you (and I’ve avoided potential mishaps like trying medical procedures that should only be done by a trained professional – ha!) and you have definitely helped me become a strong believer in and advocate for attachment parenting. Happy Mother’s Day šŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you so much Tiffany!! I feel the same about you and all the other ladies. I woulda never known about waiting for solids or when to worry about a rash or all the other things I’ve learned from our group. ā¤

  2. Aww Jill! I especially liked how your DIY mirena removal was listed as the first crisis hahaha. I am definitely, without a doubt, a better and more confident mom because of our group. Have a great Mother’s Day with your sweet family tomorrow!

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