Today was originally going to be a day I would blog for my next Sling Diary. I think ferry rides in theory seem like a great backdrop for photos and Kingston, WA seemed like a perfect adventure since I have such fond memories going there as a child. I grew up in Edmonds which is just across the water.
Then the reality of a windy ferry, hair way beyond the “tousled” point,a grumpy infant and a 5 year old who just wants to run around the boat like a maniac hits and I realized this might not have been such a great idea for family pictures. But it was a great idea to get out and enjoy the weather.
We never do anything just us girls. My mom usually takes Lucy on Sundays and that’s the day Justin, Mila and I do something special just the three of us. I’m glad I tagged along with Grandma! It felt like a mini vacation getting lunch on a charming little island only about 1 hour away from the city.






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