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Sometimes the line between where I end and Mila begins is blurry. She eats and sleeps nestled on my chest day and night. Her legs kick and splash me as I try and wash my hair in the tub. I bite grapes in half and give her the other part as she sits in my lap during lunch time. I have spent the majority of this never ending Seattle winter indoors with her. Not even sure what day of the week it was, just another grey day spent huddled in our safe apartment, soaking in every second with my sweet baby. And while I wouldn’t change a single one of these days, I also realize that since Mila is so closely attached to me, the only world she knows is the world I’ve shown her (so lots of Iphone, grocery shopping and 30 rock ). With reports that the day was going to be highs of 57 and only a 30% chance of rain, I seize the moment to venture out of our nest and reemerge into society with Mila along, sitting safely in her sling.

I’ve been dying to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum for months, though I hadn’t heard much about it. Sadly this is a city built on black coffee and snark, and too often these sorts of places aren’t utilized by the locals who chalk them up to ‘tourist attractions’. I went in with an open mind hoping to see something bright and fun to shake off the 8 months straight of grey skies. It isn’t long before I realize what I’ve just signed up for is so much more spectacular then I could have even imagined.

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When Mila is hesitant, she hides her face in my arm pit. Then she’ll look up again in awe. Then hide her face again. She isn’t the most outgoing baby on the block but she is observant. And pushes through her fears and continues to look and take it all in. As she gets more comfortable I can feel her little legs flutter in excitement.  She starts making those early coo sounds that I haven’t heard in months since she’s moved on to babbling.The return of sweet little “lllaaas” and “gaahhhs” makes my heart burst.

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inspiration 6

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It’s so hard not to just gaze in amazement at these massive, lit up, blown glass sculptures right in front of us. Transparent and glowing from within. But I’m lured away by the constant smiles from Mila, who has become surprisingly blissful. Not offended or scared in the slightest. Instead, just looks from a tiny being who has a new idea of the world’s possibilities. I can’t yet explain to her that this is someone’s way of communicating and expressing themselves. Just like she has so many times told me so much without words. For now I am just satisfied to have exposed her to something unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

inspiration 3

chan hall large

chan hall 2 big

An afternoon like this has inspired me to continue to push out of my comfort zone and adventure through our city knowing,”Yes! Mila may cry in the car seat and someone may sneeze on her”. It’s so easy to stay in our sweats, and laze around the house letting the week just melt into the next week. But I’m glad we got out and showed Mila something truly breathtaking.

This post is a part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries.


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31 thoughts on “Sling Diaries- Inspiration

  1. Lucky timing, checking out your blog! Beautiful post, mama. Lovely vivid photos! I wish we had something like that here. We’re going on a cross country adventure this next winter and I’ll have to check it out while we’re on your coast!

  2. I LOVE Chihuly. Such a fantastic artist (very intimidating in person though!) If you guys get a chance you should check out his sculpture at Benaroya Hall. It is in the lobby by the bus stop there so you can see it for free.
    Beautiful photos too. I’m glad that you were able to experience such an exciting exhibit with Mila. ❤ Leah & Evie

    • Ooh I’ll have to check that out! I used to walk right past that after work to meet up with Justin. Never even noticed! Also thank you! Mila had such a blast. Which is really rare for her. She hates leaving the house normally! Haha!

  3. Dude, I couldn’t relate more. I will avoid doing things for days because I want to avoid Chico potentially scream crying in his car seat, being touched by well-intended old ladies, and then me possibly having a melt down. We are taking him on his first museum trip today and I’m so excited – Stanley Kubrick at the LACMA. I’m trying to have a relaxed attitude and if he cries he cries…but of course another part of me is stressed that people will give us dirty looks for ruining their museum experience. Sorry folks!!

      • Why do you think we are going on a Monday! HAHA! Thank goodness my husband has Mondays off because it gives us a chance to do things out in the world without completely overwhelming the baby. I’ve noticed he’s extremely observant, but almost to a fault – being I think he gets overwhelming/overstimulated pretty easy. Still figuring it out – he’s only 3 mo after all! 🙂

      • Oh yeah trips out at 3 months is still like playing Russian roulette! Haha!! The slings do help though cause they can hide if needed. But early on I still had moments where I was like “remind me again why I took a 2 month old on a 45 minute car ride to go to an 8 hour long dance competition?” Haha!

      • Russian Roulette is precisely what it feels like! And yes – thank god for wraps, slings, and everything else that keeps him close to me – because that’s the only thing that works in keeping him happy, calm and asleep when out in the world! Wish me luck!!!!!

  4. I know the man who makes the glass for him to make those beautiful pieces! His name is Dave. And seeing this makes me proud to be from Seattle and proud to know Dave!

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