Ha. No. Gross.

So, I think that people just assume with all the breastfeeding posts and babywearing photos I must be some crunchy Seattlite who eats quinoa and kale. And that I must have a compost pile or something. But really we have frozen pizza once a week and still (YES, Melissa and Des!) we still use coconut flavored coffee creamer every morning. 
But we’ve heard so much awesome stuff about the paleo diet from friends and my sister has replace the medications she was on to treat her aspergers and ADHD with a paleo diet and she is now doing better than ever. Lucy has some signs of NDD  and I have constant nausea so we are really hoping eating better will help our family. So we threw out basically everything and even tossed out our microwave. “after” photos to come later, once we go grocery shopping.


we filled up this garbage can 4 times!!




8 thoughts on “Ha. No. Gross.

  1. I think it’s awesome Jill and I think you will feel a major improvement in weight loss once you get going, among the other benefits. Hang in there that first month, it can be a bit frustrating to detox from the junk. The reward at the end of the detox is AMAZING! Eating Paleo, or whole food eating if you don’t like the term Paleo, is a healthy lifestyle change that I hopefully always keep up with. We have some recipe sharing to do!

  2. Good for you, mama! I swear it makes a difference. A little more work but you have so much more energy and our little family is never sick! Odin’s been sick once his entire life and I totally think it’s what we eat. This is exciting!!

  3. Hmm. We only use our microwave to heat baked beans and milo. Maybe it could go. What inspired the microwave removal?

    • My mom hasn’t had one in like 10 years or something, and I noticed her house has always has way less processed foods. So I read up on the pros and cons, and decided it was a good choice. Even if it means having to boil water the old fashion’d way whenever I want tea.

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