grocery store haul

so what you cant see is the meats in the produce drawers. tons of seafood and poultry.

But seriously wish us luck that we dont call dominoes by tuesday evening. And expect tons of food posts. the fruit on the counter is where our old microwave was. and yeah I should probably just throw away that old knife block and get better knives. but one step at a time!!!!


*also I have no clue if that coconut milk is paleo. we are coming down off of years of coffee mates coconut every morning. baby steps!

10 thoughts on “grocery store haul

  1. Coconut milk is totally paleo! I use almond but only for the taste preference. I also put sugar in my coffee which is NOT paleo. But it’s organic raw sugar sooooo. Next time you buy the canned coconut milk get full fat, the non lite version. Fat = good on paleo!

    • Ooh ok 🙂 will do! It’s so hard to switch my brain. I was planning on doing an egg white scramble tomorrow but then remembered we can just actually eat whole eggs!

  2. Awesome! I have been doing paleo on and off since this time last year and I’m trying to slowly transition my family to it. My toddler and hubby love their bread and pasta! I recommend getting almond and coconut flour if you haven’t so that you can make muffins and pancakes and not feel totally deprived. Also almond butter with apples or bananas is a great thing to grab that’s satisfying and doesn’t take forever to prepare! Good luck. I’m excited to see updates!

  3. as to not overwhelm people with tons of photos of like hard boiled eggs and me looking like sh*t eating an apple all grumpy (like I am now) i’m gonna put it all in one end of the week recap next sunday haha! hopefully it wont be a picture of me in a McDonalds drive thru…hahah!!

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