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So I feel like a total goober making any kinda tutorial since I’ve really only been babywearing for a year (i started with the boy I was a nanny for, his mama got me hooked). And I only got my first ring sling last winter. BUT we are mega addicted and use ours constantly. And I’ve encouraged a few other mamas to try one. And it breaks my heart when I ask how they like it and I hear “I like my RS but……..” and I wish we all lived in the same town so I can run over and help. Cause I know that carriers are surprisingly pricey. So if someone has made that investment because I recommended it to them, then I feel responsible or guilty if they don’t like it. So anywho I made a quick lil video with a couple tips. But I got cut short cause Mila was a lil fussy. If anyone else has any other questions or concerns please just ask. If I cant answer it I can at least point you in the direction of far more experienced babywearers who know way more than me. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks

  1. great video! i also think a lot of people do not make a good enough seat for ring slings & thats why the babes tend to wiggle/slide out.
    is that sling linen? do you think you would like the linen (if it is.. lol) for toddlers?

    • yes! this is linen and its really lightweight and easy to use. But for toddlers I’d do a double layer. This is a pure linen by sakura bloom. for over 1 year I’d switch to the simple or essential linen 🙂

  2. I like the simplicity of the ring sling, it looks a lot less fussy than my wrap sling. Do you find the weight uncomfortable on just the one shoulder, could you wear Mila for a good amount of time?

    • Yes! I’ve gone over 3 hours in a ring sling just fine. But mila is only 14lbs. So I’m always hesitant to be like “oh ya it’s fine go for that zoo trip with just a ring sling” if your little one is like 22lbs..the double layer linen and silk are very supportive though. This is just a single layer.

  3. Sigh – I will try AGAIN! I’d like to think this was made JUST for my benefit ;). My sling was actually gifted to me by a instagram follower so I just keep using my wraps while I’m perfecting my RS wearing. Excellent!

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