Goodnight song

My mom used to sing us the “goodnight song”. I’m still unsure if its a song all people sing or just something my mom sang to us. Either way lets say I was singing it to Lucy, it’d go “goodnight Lucy. Sleep tight Lucy. Goodnight Lucy. I hope you have sweet dreams.” And then you can just replace the name to sing it for other people. Well our routine is every night to sing it to each member of the immediate family. But whenever Lucy is sick, had a bad dream or can’t sleep we begin to sing to extended family, then distant relatives, then pets of relatives. Tonight right around the time I was sing “goodnight peanut..” I got a flash back to when I would make my own mom do the same. Eventually she’d be singing the goodnight song to my grandmas birds, Moon and Star (haha I think that was their names). It’s so scary for me to think that I am Lucy’s mom. I’m IT. She won’t have another mom, a “real” mom. Or something. It’s just me!

4 thoughts on “Goodnight song

    • Right?!? Like I’m Lucy’s mom. Like my mom was my mom. When I really think about that I’m just like “ok that’s so weird!” Haha. Not in a bad way it’s just crazy!

  1. I love this! I forgot about Moon and Star! You know what’s weird to me is that I think of you more as Lucy and Mila’s mom than my daughter. Of course you are always Jill first. But as a role, I think of you as a mom. It makes me happy when I read about the things you do with your girls that I did with you. As I’m sure you can relate to as a mother, there is always that element of doubt about whether our kids will have fond memories of their childhood and of the time we spent with them.

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