Easter Eggs.

When it comes to Easter eggs, this year more than any other, I’ve felt the pinterest pressure coming down on me. I’m in awe of the mothers on my instagram who use eggs their own chickens laid. Then making their own organic dyes from coffee and beets? (I meannnn……) Then the other side of the spectrum, I go on my pinterest where I am flooded with these amazing egg craft projects where eggs have been hand stamped and etched and marbled. I even saw egg terrariums. To post up our grocery store eggs with red dye 40 food coloring feels so lame in comparison. Luckily, my charming girls make up for my short comings.




2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs.

  1. You know what – it’s all the same to the little ones, and they’re the reason we do stuff like this. We don’t dye eggs to impress other moms. Our littles couldn’t care less if their eggs are from the store or freshly laid by a chicken in their back yard. They don’t care whether the dye is 100% organic, hand crafted or from a $2 package of dye tablets from Target. The memories will be awesome no matter what.

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