post baby wardrobe.


So I got this jacket. Not too sure about it. I think I’d like it more if it were an area rug or baby blanket. Am I the only one having a seriously hard time finding the balance of not wanting to just look like a “mom” while also wanting to look like a mom.Ok that didn’t make sense. What I mean is just that I dont want to lose my personal sense of style. But I also dont like being asked if I’m the baby sitter. Im having the hardest time knowing what to wear. For starters I’m 15lbs heavier then pre-mila. So my old clothes either don’t fit or fit the wrong way. And the other half of my closet is maternity clothes that either are massively huge on me, or make me look like I’m still pregnant. Then add that I need constant easy access to my breasts because Mila nurses on demand and only straight from the source. And that alone is a perfect storm for having “NOTHING TO WEAR!!!”.

But then I also have the identity crisis, age denial factor. Half of me sees myself as this cool, urban mom, with tattoos. ‘My bartender husband and I listen to music you’ve never heard of on vinyl.’ And that’s all fine and dandy until you get to the park and some woman asks “did her family find you through a nanny agency or did you already know them?”.
I want people to know these are my girls. And yes they were planned. And yes I’m married. Not that it’s anyone’s business but unless you’ve been a young-ish mom and had people ask you those ridiculous questions you have no idea how bad it sucks. So I want to fit in. I want to look like all the other moms. But then the Old Navy clothing order arrives. I try it all on and just stand in the mirror and think “how did I let this happen to me”.
I have friends who pull it off. That awesome balance between your pre and post baby lives. Embracing your new mom body the right way by dressing for it not against it. Looking a little subculture, but not like a 16 year old trying to piss off her parents. Like a mom, but not the kind of mom who’s husband is cheating on her with his secretary. But I still haven’t managed to figure it out. So if there is some super secret store out there (forever 29? j.crew for less?) please share.

17 thoughts on “post baby wardrobe.

  1. Ugh, you just wrote everything that has been going through my mind the last few months.

    I’m still sporting a very basic look of jeans and layering my tops – shelf bra tanks underneath since they pull down for easier access and t-shirts or button downs over. I miss dresses. And tunic tops. And sweaters. And, and, and. Haha. I don’t feel like me though so I’ve been trying to dress things up by changing up how I wear my hear or adding in more accessories (at the risk of having them yanked off by the baby).

    • Haha!! Totally. If I wear jewelry it’s just a weapon used against me somehow by the baby. Scarves limit my access when mila wants to nurse so they end up crammed in my already too full purse..grr…it’s hard. Buy bralettes and those shelf Cami’s are awesome for nursing moms!!

  2. Oh girl I hear this! I am not a young mom but look young and I love wearing young looking clothes but am 34, and a mom, so I’m torn. I think you look great and if you feel great, in whatever you buy, who cares?! You will find a new identity, one of a mother of two, and it will feel right.

  3. I totally understand minus the mom part. For me its just like okay im turning 27 in August, maybe i should start looking a little more “my age.” Its hard to find that in between, because you don’t want to lose sight of yourself, but you also want to look a little more adult. I totally get it!

    • I’m turning 27 in sept! This is such a hard age to dress. And act. We can’t afford the big house/brand new car/going out to fancy restaurants and having dinner parties. But we also don’t exactly have time for PBR and all ages shows.

  4. As a nanny, I constantly get told “oh he/she looks just like, when did you have them?”.

    So coming from the other end, just fuck them all and wear what you want to wear! You’ll always look beautiful Jill. I’ve known you since Junior Counselor days.

  5. I don’t really have much style so that portion is mostly a non-issue. (JCrew Factory for tshirts, Nordstrom Rack for jeans and random tops, and even Old Navy for the occasional plaid or dress that is overpriced everywhere else). However, finding stuff that is cute while still being made to fit a mom body? Way more difficult! I don’t have hip bones that show anymore, I need pants that actually stay covering my butt! Hate it. Maxi skirts and tanks shall reign superior this Summer.

    • I have like 4-5 maxi dresses just waiting to be worn cause last summer they were life savers! I got a solid black one from old navy with wide straps and a neck…it is perfect for nursing in!

  6. I love this post because I can SO relate to it lol. First off your mom style is totally awesome. Seriously, i’ll see some of your instagram photos and think “I gotta get me some more cool mom style”. Oh, and I 2nd the nursing on demand/ needing cute clothes that supports this way of feeding. Let me know when you find the winner 😉

    • 🙂 aww! Well thank you! And seriously someone needs to make a mom friendly store. Other than target. It’s no fun getting your sweaters from the same place you buy paper towels and dish soap. Even though target cardigans are kinda amazing..

  7. I totallllyyy understand!! I’m especially frustrated as well because I’m carrying weight in places I never have before, so I have to adjust to a new style and size AND a new body type! I have nooo secrets or answers but please let us know if you find any!

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