I’m gonna begin this by saying I’m not a lactavist or even all that knowledgable about nursing rights. Basically, I won’t be referencing any bills passed or incidences where a woman was shamed for nursing at a target or anything.
But I had gotten into a bit of a war about if nursing photos on Instagram were appropriate with a bunch of people who weren’t even mothers and it was just a hot mess that lead to flagged nursing photos and people comparing breastfeeding in public to sexual acts in public. And I didn’t even know where to go from there. But I’ve had time to collect my thoughts and decide what nursing photos on Instagram mean to me. This is what I came up with:
No woman should ever be ashamed of or cover up her child eating. If a mom formula feeds, for any reason,she should be able to proudly share photos of her infant eating no different than she would proudly share photos of her infants first bath or chewing on their favorite toy. She shouldn’t fear any other mom judging her for not nursing.
The same right should be given to nursing moms. I proudly show off my sweet little Mila eating no different then I proudly share her sitting up, or blinking. It has nothing to do with my breast being seen for sexual purposes.
But why all the hashtags? And using the term “breast is best”? Because breastfeeding is the best feeding. And more women will be successful at it if they feel supported by their spouse, family, and peers.
The other day as we were walking to a restaurant Mila was trying to latch on but I wanted to just get to our destination. The moment we were seated I just started nursing Mila. Mom instincts kicked in and any modesty went out the window. I looked up at Justin and assumed he would have been so embarrassed. The waitress was trying to hand us menus as I’m trying to latch a baby on. But he wasn’t affected at all. Just smiled and said “oh whatever! She was hungry!” And didn’t seem to even notice that I was nursing.
Maybe it’s because he sees me nursing Mila all day every day and he is oblivious to it, or normalized to nursing (or is it nursing has been normalized to him? ). I want everyone to be so used to seeing it that there is no reaction other than “oh cute! A baby eating”. Just like if I pulled a bottle out of a diaper bag.
So avoid saying things like “cover up” or “why does she have to post photos of her nursing? Shouldn’t that be private?” Because all your doing is shaming nursing. Which may discourage a mom from breastfeeding.

but here, the huffington post said it much better than me:



9 thoughts on “#nursing

  1. Well said! I am a first time mum, Chรฉ Phoenix is nearly one month old and I’ve nursed in public whenever I needed to, even at the start before I’d mastered the art of subtle, not flashing your boob feeding lol it’s such a shame that this is even a topic for discussion, here in Ireland breast feeding is SO rare it’s crazy, people are genuinely surprised when I tell them ‘I feed him myself’ I haven’t come across any negativity yet, tho people do look!!! I’m glad tho, the more people see it the more it will be seen as normal I feel like I’m doing my part for raising awareness here ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That IG drama was how I found you on there actually. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, but I’m glad that it introduced me to other people who support breast feeding normalization. I was so surprised to see a grown woman and mother speak out in such away against public nursing. I’m totally a “live and let live” person and I respect her right to have an opinion, but I find it odd that she would act so appalled and offended by public breastfeeding. The subconscious/instinctual reason men find breasts attractive is because they represent procreation and nurturing – breasts are not a sexual organ! haha Breastfeeding is not sexual. Regardless… I love the fact that there are people like you out there who support normalizing breastfeeding in a public forum – and I appreciate you for doing so with class and dignity.

  3. The ig blow out is how I found you and your beautiful family. I am not a mother my self (hopefully soon ttc) but I 100% think Breast is best when I got pregnant late feb 2012 I started googling on baby things since I know nothing about baby’s and only want what is best for my baby. I really hope and pray my body will be able to provide for my baby, because I’ve read story’s of woman who can not BF and got my a little scared because I want to BF any where and everywhere, any place my son/daughter is.

    • that is so awesome you are planning ahead! I was naive and thought it was just as simple as putting the baby to breast. And for some it is, the rest of us can really benefit from support from other moms and The Le Leche League! Both my girls had awful latches. it took 6 weeks to correct my first daughters, and 2 weeks with the second. Worth the effort ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I agree soooo worth the effort, bf was really painful for me the first week and a half but we worked thru it, and now it’s a joy ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t worry about it tho 99.9% of women can produce more than enough milk it’s just about a bit of perseverance for most women so stick at it if u do have any issues you’ll be so proud of yourself . Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy and labour – I did ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I completely agree with what you said, “I want everyone to be so used to seeing it that there is no reaction other than โ€œoh cute! A baby eatingโ€. Just like if I pulled a bottle out of a diaper bag.” It definitely should be like that and I wish we were already there.

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