And tonight’s reason for laying in bed unable to fall asleep? I embarrassed Lucy. In a moment where she was so happy and confident, I in 10 seconds ruined everything.
We were at blue c,which is a conveyer belt sushi restaurant, for lunch. She was so impressed with the set up. All these options rolling by and she could just grab a plate of whatever she wanted. I mean, that’s gotta be pretty cool for a 4 year old. I was nursing Mila who had fallen asleep and I was trying to unlatch when I realized Lucy had taken the plastic stand the plate was resting on along with the plate. SO not a big deal but I was distracted, and you know the pressure of a conveyer belt didn’t help, but I then manically tried explaining to her she needed to put the tray back. “Keep the plate, no, Lucy!, put the tray back, see how..I mean, Lucy! Not like that put the plate down and put….” The poor girl looked so flustered and confused and near in tears before I realized what I was doing.
I remember being 4 or 5 and being at my uncles beach house and I gave a chicken bone to one of his dogs. All he did was tell me I couldn’t do that and why but I burst into tears and was so embarrassed just cause I was put on the spot and felt stupid.
I know that’s exactly how I made Lucy feel. She was probably so incredibly proud of herself for grabbing that tiny $2 plate of edamame like all the other adults at this restaurant, this downtown restaurant. And I made her feel like she did it wrong. Why? Who cares about some plastic little stand? And its not like when I lose my temper after hours of us having a hard time with each other and then I apologize and move on. This was different. I hurt her feelings, for reals hurt feelings. The poor girl.

4 thoughts on “Edamame.

  1. The good thing about this is that you recognize how she must have felt. So many parents wouldn’t and a similar situation would happen again and again. You are a good mama!

  2. The fact that you can empathize and truly feel for Lucy as opposed to simply realizing the situation validates her tenfold Jill. I know how bad you felt, how bad she felt. And I know I have dogs – not kids haha – but I really appreciate that you even took time to write this. Do you realize how many parents would chalk this up to “over sensitivity”? You posess this incredible ability to transfer to your girls and because of that – while things will always happen good and bad – you really are the best mom those two could ever have.

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