Sweet Lucy

Mila is teething. Or at least that’s my name for the rare occasion she is abnormally fussy, she doesn’t actually have any teeth. But I need something to blame. Either way, we woke up at 8am. Finally at 4pm, she went down for her first nap of the day. The rest of the day has been a vision quest of bouncing on the edge of the bed, popping into the ring sling, singing, walking around, warm bath, more singing, more bouncing whatever it took to console a miserable baby. I was near in tears when I remembered to that to “busy” Lucy I asked her to pick up her messes. I came out from my bedroom to a clean, and I mean CLEAN, living room and dining room. She even sprayed down and cleaned the dining room table and high chair tray. I was just so in awe of her helpfulness. And being so self sufficient while I tended to Mila.


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