one of THOSE days.


The past few nights I haven’t gotten much sleep. Mainly from a wondering mind up at night thinking of ridiculous things that wont make sense in the morning. Examples: online shopping for pediatric lead aprons in case an atomic bomb is dropped on Seattle. Randomly deciding I have it all figured out, all we have to do is move out to the San Juan Islands. Or wondering the shelf life of canned soup (it shorter then you’d think)
But tonight I’m up for other reasons. For starters it’s nauseating knowing that Lucy cant stand another day stuck inside. She’s far to spirited and belongs on tropical beaches somewhere running on soft sand singing and dancing. Instead she is a 1000 square foot apartment in Seattle with a mother who never sets down her baby sister is constantly nagging at her to be quiet or to please be more helpful. I know she is like a caged animal in here. But I’m all out of crafts. I’ve gone on pinterest 101 times trying to make our home life more thrilling for her with glow sticks in the bath tub or sticking cloves in oranges. But I know the real solution is selling everything we own and flying to Brazil and letting her play on the beaches until the sun goes down every day. SO not gonna happen. Its troubling knowing your own child is in many ways misplaced. Spring will come though. This city is so much better once it hits 60 degrees.
Now to make matters worse, Mila’s never ending cough has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. For weeks she’s had this mild, occasional cough that wasn’t such a big deal. No fever. No problems feeding. I took her to Children’s last week because I just needed the reassurance that she will be ok. Sure enough, she has “the common cold”. Which just makes me feel like some amateur mom who rushes to the ER when her baby sneezes. Oh well I was also the mom who ran to the ER because mila wasn’t kicking enough. Better safe than sorry right? Well today the cough has gotten much worse. And now for the first time she really does seem affected by this cold. She just looks like she aches. Her nose is stuffed. Nothing makes her happy for very long. She seems emotional. She has a doctor appointment next week. In the mean time I’m just going to do anything I can to safely keep her comfortable. My poor sweet mila.

One thought on “one of THOSE days.

  1. My little had a similar cough last month. Seemed like it lasted forever. If I left her in her crib it would go all night. Once she was in our bed it would quiet down though. Funny how that works. ❤ I found this natural cough syrup at Target called Zarbee's. heard of it? It's for babies 2 months and up. It helped a lot. Hope your little is feeling better!

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