first post. carrots.

I’m completely clueless when it comes to proper blogging etiquette. Am I supposed to introduce myself? that seems silly. So I’m just gonna pick up exactly where my livejournal, myspace, facebook and instagram left off.

Yesterday I took on the ridiculous task of smashing up carrots. Ok I know this sounds like it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But we don’t actually own a food mill or baby bullet or any other tools for making baby food because up until a few weeks ago our plan was to go the baby led weaning route. But at one point I just threw in the towel and decided that all the benefits for this approach wasn’t enough for me to chance choking. Over a few days the avocado I offered her went from cubed to chunky to a mash. Well we were out of avocado, bananas don’t agree with her but we had organic baby carrots. I thought ‘what? like 10 minutes of steaming and I’ll be able to just fork that into a puree.’ Wrong. After 3 failed attempts I ended up with this odd, cold, mealy carrot mass. Like cold quinoa, that’s neon orange. She eventually liked it, wore most of it, but seemed to enjoy the new food.


3 thoughts on “first post. carrots.

  1. Very cute! I love the first picture. Why bother eating if you aren’t going to put your whole face in the bowl, right?
    I threw in the towel on baby led weaning pretty early on, too. It was making me way too anxious.

    PS, I found you via the post on the Sakura Bloom FB page today.

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